Farewell, Magic Box! Mar’s guide to using Direct Delivery

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Apr 132013

Hi peeps!

This post is for anyone who sells (or wants to sell) on SL Marketplace. The old method of selling (the magic box) is being phased out, and a new method (direct delivery) is bring brought in. In fact, all magic boxes will cease to work from Tuesday 16th April – that’s just a few days from now. So here’s a quick guide to migrating an existing magic box, uploading new items to direct delivery, and writing listings.

Hop behind the cut!

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Jan 262013

Hi, peeps!

Wow. I can’t believe that Mar’s been in-world for five years now! I know I’ve not been blogging as much lately (RL is pretty busy and I don’t have much energy to run around and find freebies/cheapies, or write up long illustrated tutorials), but I just had to celebrate the occasion with five new looks, all culled from Marketplace (with one in-world group gifty).

Hop behind the cut, for five fabby, cheapie looks!

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The colour purple

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Nov 032012

You know it’s Mar’s favourite colour, right? ;)

Well, before today she had never tried her nifty Marketplace searching tip for ‘purple’. And when she did, she ended up with an amazing full avatar look, for a total cost of just L$23.


All items from Marketplace
– Resyva: Free Skin [ link ] L$1
– Sakide: Exposed Top [ link ] free
– Sakide: Pearly Skirt Belt Purple [ link ] free
– Street Kandy: Tempt Boot [ link ] L$10
– A&A: Gloria Hair Moonlight [ link ] L$1
– Taffy: Happy Halloween Eyes [ link ] L$1
– Mad Echo: Sculpted Fabulous Nails [ link ] L$10

Take note: where the skirt is called a ‘belt skirt’ – it really is! Definitely saucy and butt-revealing ;)

Also, the nails are not scripted, so they won’t ‘stick’ to your fingers. A handy freebie to have in this case is the AnyPose Expression HUD from Phate Shepherd Creations, which not only allows you to direct your avatar’s eyes wherever you want them to look, but also lets you pose their hands. Used the ‘both hands relaxed’ option with unscripted prim nails, to prevent that horrible splayed hands effect, which leaves your nails floating in space!

De-noob for Nowt: Golden Autumn

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Oct 202012

It’s been a while since I wrote a De-noob for Nowt post, and I’ve noticed that I seem to be moving away from ‘nowtiness’ and into ‘moneyness’ on the blog. Since this blog is called SL for Nowt, it seems rather silly of me to post almost exclusively about offers that you need some money for, be they the ‘up to L$75’ items, or the ‘L$50 pay-to-join group’ items. I need to start re-injecting the blog with nowtiness again!

To that end, I’m reviving this series of posts. The De-noob for Nowt posts contain entire avatar looks for free. Not a single Linden buck required to be spent. To that end, I have created a new alt (say hi to Ruth!) and she has absolutely NO money (poor lass!) I won’t be transferring even so much as L$1 to her, in order to buy a dollarbie. She’s skint and she’ll stay that way, so that I can bring you some entirely-freebie looks :)

Here’s the first, which I call Golden Autumn.

Everything in this look is absolutely free (and almost all from Marketplace), so hop behind the cut for more pics and info :)

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Hints & Tips: One user liked this – Make a creator’s day by leaving them a Marketplace review!

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Feb 282012

I got to thinking today about SL Marketplace and the fact that I see so few reviews being left on it lately. There was a time when good products, both old and new, were actually reviewed by those that bought them, but I just don’t see that these days, unless it’s an item that already has hundreds of rave reviews already.

Here’s the thing: a good review, no matter how short, is encouraging to a creator. Imagine ‘selling’ hundreds of copies of a free item you took the time and energy to make and put on Marketplace for no charge. You know it’s a great item (both because you made it and realised it was good, and also because it’s flying off the virtual shelves) but not one person bothers to leave you a review on it. Not one. No “Thanks so much for putting this great [thing] out as a freebie!” No, “Love it! 5 stars!” No thanks or feedback whatsoever.

I know, I know. I’ve been that Marketplace shopper: the one who loads up four carts one after the other, unpacks everything and then forgets (or doesn’t even think) to go back and leave a review for the items I liked. I know you’ve been that shopper, too. So why don’t we make a small change, starting right now?

Log into your Marketplace account, and go to your Order History page. Open up the last five (or ten) items that you bought in new browser tabs, then go to each one in turn and leave a review. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece. Even a quick “Loved this, thanks!” and a click of however many stars you think it’s worth giving is enough. Especially leave reviews for items that have no (or very few) reviews at all. Do this a couple of times a week, and maybe between us we can turn the tide of No Reviews, No Feedback, No Encouragement for all those fabulous creators out there.

If you liked it, tell the creator, and tell fellow shoppers, too. You’ll be helping everyone out!

De-noob for nowt: Duck eggs!

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Feb 052012


Duck egg blue, of course! It’s the colour of this pretty little freebie dress from Garage. In fact, Mar’s entire look here is absolutely free. Most of it is from stores on Marketplace, which is Second Life’s out-world shopping site, but a couple of items are limited-time offers, and one is a lucky board freebie.

Firstly, her shape is from this freebie skin/shape pack by Imagine, on Marketplace (at least, that’s what I think the store is called, going by the creator’s profile; sorry if I got it wrong!).

Her skin is the current group freebie at AL Vulo! (paste this link into chat and click it to bring up the group window and join – it’s absolutely free – then head to the store with your group tag active and click the panel inside the little wooden shed outside).

Her hair is a freebie from A&A on Marketplace, and you can find it here. It’s a lovely, loose little up-do with a colour-change barrette. This style will only be free until February 28th 2012.

Her shoes are from the lucky boards at Baby Monkey. Head to the store and wait until the first letter of your username (that’s the name you log in with, not the display name that you can change!) comes up on either the boards or the lucky chairs, then click or sit to win!

Finally, her eyes are a freebie from Virtual Diva, here on Marketplace.

I’ve put another pic behind the cut which shows off the back of the hairstyle, and the super-cute butt on this shape ;)

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Tips & tricks: Hassle-free cheapie shopping on Marketplace

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Nov 272011

Today I thought I would put together a post containing some useful tips and tricks for SL Marketplace, the official out-world shopping site for Second Life. This will by no means be an exhaustive list, but it will contain a few handy things I’ve found out and will hopefully help you to get the most out of your Marketplace shopping experience.

Hop behind the cut!

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Mesh: A fabulous, freebie, full-perm office

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Oct 082011

OK peeps. I said I would only be blogging mesh items here if I found an absolutely incredible offer, and I’ve done just that. This utterly fantabulous offer from Meli Imako is something you simply cannot pass up on, whether you’re a builder or not.

Full-perm mesh – Modern Office Desk Set

I don’t use a mesh-capable viewer, so I’m pinching Meli’s Marketplace image for this post (hope you don’t mind, Meli!)

This item is not only free, it’s full permission. That means you can pull it apart, examine it, rebuild it, change the colours; whatever you like. Builders, you can use it in your own creations (although, as with all full-perm stuff, you mustn’t re-sell the item as-is, as though it were entirely your own creation).

Please remember: you MUST be using a viewer capable of rendering mesh in order to see this as it’s meant to be in-world.

Apr 152011

Ladies, the one year anniversary collection is about to go out at The Dressing Room Blue (and, although I didn’t blog it, the main Dressing Room location is also celebrating one year). In both locations, each designer is offering not only an item at the usual price (nothing above L$75) but also one very discounted item (on average just L$40!) Mar headed over there and the banlines were up around the store because the collection was not completely in-situ, but she managed to cam in and buy some of the new items to showcase in the blog for you. Please note: the collection will not open officially until later today, so keep an eye on your group notices!

omg why do my hands look humungous in this picture?!?!

Hop behind the cut!

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