Said the spider to the fly

Said the spider to the fly

There’s lots of great, spooky stuff out there at the moment, both cheap and free! Today, I’ve got a full outfit, and a skybox to show you :)

Hop behind the cut for pics and info!

First up, the outfit.

Mar began by looking for a black dress, and she found the gorgeous (partial-mesh) Lurata Evening Gown from LC Fashion, for just L$1 on Marketplace. This comes with a top, gloves, and sleeves, and a long mesh skirt.

Her skin is a group gift from Amacci: the Liane skin in Goth. Head to the Amacci store and click on one of the subscribe-o-matics. Once you’ve subscribed, click the kiosk again, select ‘history’ and look for a notice called ‘Oct 12, 12: GROUP GIFT Skin for the ladies’.

Footwear (not visible in these pics, but ladies we can hardly go barefoot around those spooky gothic castles; that stone would freeze our poor toes off!) comprises the Soft Black Leather Knee-Length Boots by Abi’s Affordable Living, which are L$10 on Marketplace.

Mar’s hair is the utterly, fabulously insane Bride of Frankenstein hair from Paper Heart, just L$1 on Marketplace.

For eyes she popped into her cart the freebie Black Eyes from Say It Loud Designs, on Marketplace.

Finally, her earrings are the Chrysalis Black Diamond Earrings, from Style Society, L$1 on Marketplace.

Total cost of this awesome look is just L$13 (which you can get down to just L$3 if you have some other suitable black shoes).

The Sanguisuge Skybox  is a Halloween freebie from The Gentlemen Bastards, and it’s 20m x 20m and has a land impact of just 15 prims. Perfect for any vampire-themed parties you plan to throw at Halloween! It features a trompe l’oeil door, a touch on/off particle fireplace, and a large hanging chandelier. You’ll need a mesh viewer for this skybox, as part of the fireplace is made of mesh. Head inside the Gentlemen Bastards store, turn right, and look for the giftbox under the black tree.

The skybox will be out as a freebie until the end of October.

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