Limited time offer: SKIFIJA Ankle Boots

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Apr 092011

Ladies, hotfoot (heehee!) it to buy SKIFIJA’s limited-time offer Absinth v 0.2 black ankle boots for just L$25 on SL Marketplace. These boots have a built-in AO and walk sound, both of which you can switch off. Resize scripts are deletable (which is something that I’ll be noting in future blog posts that feature script-resize items) and they look fabulous. Mar’s wearing hers with a [email protected] coat and Axel pants, and the whole makes for an awesome outfit which I’ll be blogging in its entirety over at Mar’s Ponderings tomorrow.


Tutorial: How to send someone a gift from SL Marketplace

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Dec 102010

UPDATE: Gifting is now much easier, so I’ve updated the post. However, I’ve left the old info after it, because I think it’s interesting to keep a record of how convoluted it used to be, compared to how easy it is now. If only Linden Lab had thought of the Now version Then ;)

I was browsing the search terms that led people to the blog, and I came across this one: why cant i send a gift to someone from the sl marketplace?

Good point! On the old XstreetSL site, before Linden Lab changed the code and it became SL Marketplace, the ‘send as gift’ option was right there on the item’s page, but now it seems to have gone. Well, it’s not gone; it’s just hidden a little bit and slightly more convoluted to get to (ie: more mouse-clicking!).

NOTE: You can’t gift a freebie item. Only items that cost L$1 or more can be gifted.

Hop behind the cut for a quick tutorial on sending a gift to someone via SL Marketplace.

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