Hints & Tips: One user liked this – Make a creator’s day by leaving them a Marketplace review!

Hints & Tips: One user liked this – Make a creator’s day by leaving them a Marketplace review!

I got to thinking today about SL Marketplace and the fact that I see so few reviews being left on it lately. There was a time when good products, both old and new, were actually reviewed by those that bought them, but I just don’t see that these days, unless it’s an item that already has hundreds of rave reviews already.

Here’s the thing: a good review, no matter how short, is encouraging to a creator. Imagine ‘selling’ hundreds of copies of a free item you took the time and energy to make and put on Marketplace for no charge. You know it’s a great item (both because you made it and realised it was good, and also because it’s flying off the virtual shelves) but not one person bothers to leave you a review on it. Not one. No “Thanks so much for putting this great [thing] out as a freebie!” No, “Love it! 5 stars!” No thanks or feedback whatsoever.

I know, I know. I’ve been that Marketplace shopper: the one who loads up four carts one after the other, unpacks everything and then forgets (or doesn’t even think) to go back and leave a review for the items I liked. I know you’ve been that shopper, too. So why don’t we make a small change, starting right now?

Log into your Marketplace account, and go to your Order History page. Open up the last five (or ten) items that you bought in new browser tabs, then go to each one in turn and leave a review. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece. Even a quick “Loved this, thanks!” and a click of however many stars you think it’s worth giving is enough. Especially leave reviews for items that have no (or very few) reviews at all. Do this a couple of times a week, and maybe between us we can turn the tide of No Reviews, No Feedback, No Encouragement for all those fabulous creators out there.

If you liked it, tell the creator, and tell fellow shoppers, too. You’ll be helping everyone out!

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