De-noob for nowt: Duck eggs!

De-noob for nowt: Duck eggs!


Duck egg blue, of course! It’s the colour of this pretty little freebie dress from Garage. In fact, Mar’s entire look here is absolutely free. Most of it is from stores on Marketplace, which is Second Life’s out-world shopping site, but a couple of items are limited-time offers, and one is a lucky board freebie.

Firstly, her shape is from this freebie skin/shape pack by Imagine, on Marketplace (at least, that’s what I think the store is called, going by the creator’s profile; sorry if I got it wrong!).

Her skin is the current group freebie at AL Vulo! (paste this link into chat and click it to bring up the group window and join – it’s absolutely free – then head to the store with your group tag active and click the panel inside the little wooden shed outside).

Her hair is a freebie from A&A on Marketplace, and you can find it here. It’s a lovely, loose little up-do with a colour-change barrette. This style will only be free until February 28th 2012.

Her shoes are from the lucky boards at Baby Monkey. Head to the store and wait until the first letter of your username (that’s the name you log in with, not the display name that you can change!) comes up on either the boards or the lucky chairs, then click or sit to win!

Finally, her eyes are a freebie from Virtual Diva, here on Marketplace.

I’ve put another pic behind the cut which shows off the back of the hairstyle, and the super-cute butt on this shape ;)

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