So what is SL for Nowt all about? (Hey, that rhymed!)

Initially, I wanted to see if it was possible to create an entirely new avatar in the Second Life world, without putting in any money of my own. I planned to do this by picking money from money trees only. No camping (sitting on chairs/mopping floors/doing other activities that make an area look busy, in return for small amounts of cash), and definitely no begging! I set myself the goal of a minimum 50L$ per day from the money trees, and met this target on most days. I even exceeded it a lot on a few days. Along the way, I spotted (and screencaptured) many odd things, met some interesting people, got annoyed at the rudeness of  ‘some people’ and generally had a fun time.

The blog has now taken a different path, since my original goals have now been met. Now, SL for Nowt is all about finding freebies and cheapies, living a virtual existence in the Second Life world on the cheap, and helping out newbies as much as possible.

The original blog at http://sl4nowt.wordpress.com/ has now moved here, primarily due to WordPress inserting Google Ads into all WP-hosted blogs. I wasn’t happy with my readers being bombarded with ads over which I had no control, so I moved to a self-hosted blog. I haven’t imported the whole of the old blog, but I have brought over some of the more important or informative posts.

Please be sure to check out my other blog on the site: Mar’s Ponderings. This is for my general musings, non-freebie/cheapie fashion posts, and other stuff. You can get back to the main SL for Nowt site by clicking here.

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  1. I am so sorry that what you really love doing is no longer fun. Although I don’t read your blog regularly, I have referred lots of new avatars to it. Many have thanked me as they were able to get started easily and look great thanks to your wonderful hints.

    Please reconsider giving up what you like doing just because of a blog griefer. Just ignore them. Eventually, that kind will go away when they see they can no longer gain the upper hand by controlling your emotions. ~hugs~

    1. Lizzy, thank you so much for your comment. The comments that upset me so much came at a time when I was feeling pretty exhausted in my real life, and so they hit me a lot harder than I would normally let things like that do. Having not only taken a breather from SL, but also been able to recharge my RL batteries a bit, I’ve realised that I truly miss blogging and all the things that Mar gets up to (especially the cheapie and freebie shopping!) so I’ve decided to come back and just shrug my shoulders at the comments that got me down.

  2. I’ve just discovered your pages after searching for a script for a pose stand. The script and your instructions were excellent. I could follow them which says more than you could know about how well you wrote them.
    I was disappointed to see that someone has obviously been harassing you and just wanted to say I completely understand if you chose not to continue your writing. At the same time, I wanted to applaud you for wonderful work and hope you will continue.
    I too like to help newbies and your site is one I’ll include in the note card of useful information I give them.
    Thanks again for your lovely, well written posts.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment, Trix. All the lovely comments (and emails) that I’ve received have meant so much to me :)

      I will continue with the blog. The comments that upset me so much came at a time when I was just wiped out in real life and I let them get to me far more than I normally would have done. I’ve had a break from SL now and I’ve recharged my RL batteries somewhat, so now I’m ready to come back and pick up where I left off.

      Oh, and I’m so glad that posestand script proved useful! I got rid of my little stall, since I wasn’t in-world to pay rent on it, but that’s why I put the scripts on the website as well. The freebie version on the stall was just for people who couldn’t be bothered to try the tutorial and make their own ;)

  3. I am very glad that you decided to stay YAY .
    I give away alot of freebies at my inworld store and wanted to know how i could let ppl know about them

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