Newbie? Start here :)

Newbie? Start here :)

PLEASE NOTE: This page currently partially redirects to the old SL for Nowt blog. Also, I have decided to completely re-write my Non-Newbieness Guides, as they are so out-of-date. They are no longer linked-to here.

If you’re completely new to Second Life, then this is the page you should begin with. I’ve been putting together guides to lose those newbie looks as soon as possible, and I plan to start writing some posts about the absolute basics in-world, such as how to rez boxes, how to change skins, and the like. As I write all of these posts for newbies, I’ll link them in here, so if you meet a newbie in-world and want to help them out, you only need to give them the URL for this page. They can explore the rest of the blog at their leisure, once they’re kitted out.

So without further ado, here are the essential posts:


Part 1 – Signing Up for Second Life

Part 2 – Setting your viewer’s preferences

Part 3 – The camera controls


The Basics – 01 – Getting stuff out of boxes

The Basics – 02 – Inventory icons explained

The Basics – 03 – How to fill out your profile

The Basics – 04 – Preferences

(The Basics list will be added to as I write each post)


Newbie Guide To Money Trees

30 (and more) things every newbie should know before starting Second Life

Mar’s Guide to Freebie Etiquette


Newbie Notes: Don’t get ripped-off #1 – Full-Perm/Resell/Businesses in a Box

Newbie Notes: No Place Like Home

Newbie Notes: Nervous newbie? Be a Tiny!

Newbie Notes: “Help! I’m pregnant!/a vampire!”

Newbie Notes: Something for nothing (a guide to lucky chairs, lucky boards, and Midnight Mania boards)

Newbie Notes: How to archive things in a box

Newbie Notes: Hints on contacting creators, landlords, and anyone else in Second Life

Newbie Notes: Logging in at a quiet spot


Newbie No-No’s: Part 1 – Bling

Newbie No-No’s: Part 2 – Littering


Those Little Questions is a general Question and Answer series on the blog. Sometimes I’ll focus on one specific thing (in which case I’ll link that individual post here) but mainly I look at the search terms that bring people to the blog and try to answer the random questions people show up with.

Those Little Questions: The main page on the old blog with all the questions posts on it

Those Little Questions: All about skyboxes

Those Little Questions: The main page on the new blog with all the questions posts on it


Around the Ahern Infohub/Welcome Area

Ambling Around Ambat Infohub


Making a private space

Making a little hideaway for yourself
– further to the private space post; this is more detailed and has even more hints & tips!

Taking great photos of your avatar

Making your own pose stand

Making your own facelights

How to send someone a gift from SL Marketplace

Make your own landmarks HUD

Make your own pose HUD

How to rez an object that’s been packed using Builder’s Buddy Scripts

Using the free Builder’s Buddy scripts to pack up a home


“Too bright” to “just right” – Editing prim clothing items
– note: this now works in reverse, as you’ll need to edit darker prim clothing to white

Oh honey, no: Professional begging
– don’t do it!

Creating a low-ARC look
– this mainly will help your own computer, but also helps others around you with lower graphics capabilities

How Mar got her ARC even lower
– see above note

SL Treasure hunt etiquette

Lucky chair etiquette: saying “thank you”

Lucky chair etiquette: There is such a thing as “too close”

Info post: The Life Shop AO, debunked

PSA: Group invites
– specifically about pay-to-join groups

Sick of those flesh-toned pants bottoms?
– here’s a free fix!

A treasure hunter’s top tip

Removing yourself from unwanted notice lists
– primarily subscribe-o-matics; see below for hippoGROUPS lists

Removing yourself from hippoGROUPS lists

Taking a flattering photo
– it’s all about the angle!

Getting a message in-world when you can’t log in

Multi-purpose post! SF Design’s November freebie, dollarbie capris, plus a shoe-colouring tutorial
– how to match your shoes exactly to your outfit

Quick Tip: Mar’s (Really Easy!) Guide to Cataloguing Skins
– a super-fast way – once you’ve done the initial legwork! – of seeing which skin is which without waiting for them all to rez as you wear them

Those Darned Scripts!
– why you need to keep an eye on how many scripts you’re wearing, why it’s beneficial to you to keep the number low, and a freebie gadget to help you count them

An important heads-up about scammers in SL
– because they operate in SL just as much as in RL

Make a creator’s day by leaving them a Marketplace review!
– because it’s great to get feedback on what you do, right?

Hassle-free shopping on SL Marketplace
– hints and tips on how to find interesting and unusual stuff

Avoiding SL’s panhandlers
– how to spot the ‘flatterbots’ that ‘converse’ with you then ask for money after 10 minutes

I blog, therefore I am!
– setting up your own SL-related blog


Useful gadgets #1 – The Bright Packer
– will let you unpack things, even in no-rez areas

Useful gadgets #2 – The Eternity Teleporter Pad
– free and very easy to customise


Reporting Griefers – Very Detailed Instructions
– Second Life wiki article

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