Useful Stuff

Useful Stuff

During my years in Second Life I’ve come across all kinds of useful blogs, videos, and articles and have bookmarked many of them. This page is just a clearing house for some of the handy stuff I’ve found. It’s also a work-in-progress.

OFFICIAL LINKS (for easy access)

Second Life Status Page
If the grid goes wonky, this page will tell you why. Also, alerts of rolling restarts, inventory maintenance, etc. The Status Page Twitter account can be followed at @SLGridStatus.

The official Second Life Twitter account.

The official Second Life Support Twitter account. It’s strongly recommended that you follow the usual Support method (opening a support ticket) for any detailed, personal or complicated enquiry, but if it’s a general support query (something along the lines of, “Hey, has something happened? My sim has vanished!” or “is there inventory maintenance going on?” etc) then try a tweet to Support Linden and they may be able to give you an answer.

Second Life Search
The quick search page.

Second Life Maps
The web version of the Map View in your viewer. Handy for finding a place when you’re not logged-in.
The official Linden Lab SL Profile (sign into your profile and follow this one to see its status updates. Just like Facebook!)

Community Resources Portal
A one-stop-shop for all official Second Life resources and social media resources.

Second Life YouTube Channel
The official YouTube channel for Second Life.

Third Party Viewer Directory
Find an alternative viewer.

Debug Settings
List of all the debug settings to be found in the Advanced Menu.
What are your favourite debug settings?
Your favourite debug settings, revisited

Improving Region Performance
Useful tips for Estate owners. Also has info that may be useful to everyone else!

Sims and Script Performance
Sim running slowly? Check your Statistics and see what this page tells you about them.

Reporting Griefers: Very detailed Instructions
Being hassled? Here’s what to do.

How to submit an Abuse Report (AR)
Official info on exactly how to report someone (or something) that is harassing you.

Tips and Tricks blog
Tons of tutorials!

Your SL Profile
Insert your name (firstname.lastname or, for newer single-named residents, just your first name without adding the period/fullstop) where it says YOURNAME.HERE, after logging in, to access your new Second Life Profiles account, which is kind of like a Facebook for SL, run by Linden Lab.

Creation Portal
Want to start making stuff in SL? Here’s a great place to begin. Lots of resources and links to get you started, from creating clothes, skin and hair to making your own machinima (movies made in-world).

Public Rezzing Zones
Places where anyone can rez. Primarily used when putting a vehicle on the roads to drive around (aka: these are not sandboxes!).

Linden Home Overview
Start here for all kinds of information about Linden Homes. All premium users are entitled to a Linden Home, using their free 512m2 of tier.

Shopping in the Marketplace
All about how to shop in SL Marketplace, which is the web-based official shopping site for Second Life.

Selling in the Marketplace
All about how to sell items in SL marketplace, which is the web-based official shopping site for Second Life.

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