Can’t find the store or item?

Can’t find the store or item?

I try to keep the blog as up-to-date as possible, but with a platform as dynamic as Second Life is, store locations will always move. If you read an older post on this blog, it’s possible that the store is no longer at the SLurl that I’ve given in the post, and it’s impossible for me to keep all of my old posts updated with new SLurls.

What I do attempt to do is keep the main freebie locations updated in the sidebar of the blog, under the SLurls link. If the store you can’t find isn’t there, use the Search function in Second Life itself, and try to find it that way. Failing that, drop a comment on the relevant blog post and I’ll see if I can find it for you :)

Please also be aware that many freebies and cheapies in SL are limited-time offers. Wherever possible, I try to mention if you only have a very short time to get whatever bargain I’m blogging about, but please check the date of the post (you’ll find it at the top of each post) and if it’s more than a week or two old, chances are high that the bargain you can’t find in such-and-such store is no longer available.

Also, many of the hunts in Second Life occur on a yearly (or even more frequent) basis, so if you’re searching for hints or posts about hunt prizes from a specific hunt, please check the blogpost’s date, as it could be from a previous run of that hunt (I had this happen earlier this year when my posts about the 2009 Twisted Hunt received a lot of hits from people looking for info about the 2010 Twisted Hunt; in the end I just had to make those posts private to save people from getting frustrated!)

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