Handsome enough (aka: Mr Darcy, you suck!)

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Sep 072013

Hi, peeps!

I’ve been AWOL, I know. I’m really sorry about that, but RL is seriously kicking my butt of late. I wandered past the blog last night and realised I hadn’t posted since May. Eek! So here’s another wee post to tide you over. I hope I can get more time to get back to blogging soon.

I felt like going old-fashioned again, so I found this lovely little Regency-style dress by Duquesa on Marketplace:

Hop behind the cut for more pics and info!

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Free, low-prim skybox at Domicile

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Mar 172013

Hi peeps!

There’s a free, low-prim skybox in lovely warm brown tones in the Midnight Mania board at Domicile. It’s 20×20 and 18 prims, and it’s a limited edition that won’t be put out for sale. (There’s a monochrome version that is for sale, and that’s 75L$, so you’re getting a good bargain!)

The board was at 10/35 slaps when I got there, so hurry over and get it to 35 before midnight SLT:

Right below the board is a heap of lucky boards, too. Hop behind the cut for a pic of those, and the SLurl to get you to the store!

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Limited time offer: Fully furnished winter skybox (Dec 26th only!)

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Dec 262012

Hi peeps!

If I wasn’t offline all Christmas (and I wasn’t such a slowpoke!) you’d have had notice of this fabulous offer sooner. As it is, you’ve got one day only – December 26th – to grab this gorgeous freebie wintery skybox from The Gentlemen Bastards.

It’s out until midnight SLT tonight. Hop behind the cut for oodles more pictures, where you can find it, and info about the lovely freebie dress Mar’s wearing in the pics!

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Free gift at Del Mar!

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Dec 242012

Hi, peeps!

This time, the freebie is from me! I wanted to give something as a gift to all my readers that meant something to me, and so I re-made the little castle skybox that I created as my first home in SL. If you’ve been following this blog for a long time, you’ll probably remember seeing pics of me sitting in the garden while I showed you how to create lots of boxes to help with archiving your inventory.

The skybox is 20m x 20m, and the prim count is as follows:

Skybox = 24 prims
Fireplace for upstairs = 6 prims
Fireplace for downstairs (slightly taller chimney!) = 6 prims
Fire grate with touch on/off particle flames = 3 prims

Hop behind the cut for another pic, and where to find it :)

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Gorgeous glamour!

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May 182012

Hi peeps!

I have some lovely things to show you today, and if you don’t feel all glammed-up after grabbing this stuff then there’s no hope for you!

First up, there’s PurpleMoon Creations’ 14,000 members group gift. There’s a L$50 fee to join the group (paste this link into chat and click it) but it’s totally worth it. Go to the PurpleMoon Creations store with your group tag active and head inside. Halfway down on your right, just past the customer service desk, you’ll see the group gift display. Click it for this stunning pale blue gown, complete with armlets and roses for your hair. Also check group notices, as there’s a great set of polished wood jewellery in there right now!

Hop behind the cut for a closer pic of the dress, plus info on the skin, and the completely FREE (and low-prim!) skybox :)

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Mar’s Guide to: Making a little hideaway for yourself

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Apr 072012

If there’s one thing a lot of us want in SL, it’s a little place to call our own. Previously, I’ve given you a tutorial to make a very simple little 10m skybox to get changed in (and live in, if you want!) but that method doesn’t give you much leeway for decorating the walls; it’s more of a one-texture-all-over kind of thing.

To that end, here is a slightly more detailed tutorial for building a small skybox home of your own. This one is adaptable to any size, although I’ve only worked with a 10m box. It allows much greater texture customisation of the walls, and I’ve included a really nifty little hint about how to save prims, which is something we all want to do when we own land. Every land parcel only allows you so many prims, so every few you can shave off here and there gives you more to put towards something else, like furniture :)

Today’s guide will show you how to make a bright spring hideaway, full of gorgeous colour. I’m also going to show you a few cheap (and free) decor items that go nicely with this spring hideaway, and over the next few months I hope to be able to re-use this hideaway, re-texturing and re-furnishing it to show you different ideas.

Hop behind the cut, and let’s get stuck in to building!

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Skybox, sweet skybox

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Aug 282011

I have two bargainous skyboxes for you this weekend. The first is a permanent freebie from Domicile: the Norfolk Skybox. It’s a 10m x 20m skybox in soothing pastel colours and it’s 17 prims. You actually get two skyboxes in the pack: a plain one and one with spotted end walls.

Here’s the plain one:

Hop behind the cut for a pic of the other one, and for a limited-time (this weekend only!) gorgeous night-time skybox from A:S:S :)

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