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Go on a Voyage of Hope, with Elikatira and DeeTaleZ

Go on a Voyage of Hope, with Elikatira and DeeTaleZ

Hi, peeps!

Spring is in the air, at last. The weather’s getting warmer (albeit a lot wetter here in the UK, but we’re used to hefting brollies aloft!) and I was so happy to find this absolutely gorgeous maxi dress from Elikatira out for Fifty Linden Fridays this week! It’s still available today (Saturday) so hopefully it’ll be out all weekend, if you want to run and grab it.

With fits for Maitreya, Legacy, and eBody Reborn, this lovely ‘Voyage’ dress comes with a fabby 24-colour/pattern HUD. You’ve got everything and the kitchen sink on the HUD, from solid colours in bright tones, to both pastel and bright stripes and patterns, and even some darker tones. Perfect for an evening beach party!

Mar’s skin is the ‘Hope’ skin for LeLutka EvoX heads, in the Mixed skintone, from DeeTaleZ. It’s also available in a paler ‘NordCold’ tone, each for L$100, for Saturday Sale, and it has a lovely faint smattering of freckles across the nose and cheeks. As someone who is ‘fairy-kissed’ in real life, I love finding lightly-freckled skins in SL.

Mar’s teamed the outfit with some group gift jewellery from Kunglers – the ‘Tracey Set’. The group is free to join (paste this link into chat, then click it to bring up the group join window). With six tones each for the smaller and larger crystals, and four metal options, you’ll find something that will work with most outfits, and the jewellery is unrigged, so it will work on any head and body!

Mar’s makeup is the ‘Havana Shadow’ (EvoX BoM) in the ‘Tide’ option, by Veechi, her eyes are from the ‘Opal 2’ pack (Lelutka & BoM) by Sequoia, and her hair is the ‘Mystique’ style by Wasabi.

Go out and snag yourself some summery goodness this weekend!

Winter Warmers from Just Because, Riot, and Essenz!

Winter Warmers from Just Because, Riot, and Essenz!

Hi peeps!

This weekend’s snuggly outfit comes courtesy of a gorgeous oversized sweater from Just Because, a huge fatpack of BoM leggings from Riot, and warm suede boots from Essenz.

The Yolande Oversized Top comes in six pretty colours from Just Because, for Saturday Sale (L$75 per colour) and contains fits for Maitreya, Legacy, Legacy Perky, Kupra, and eBody Reborn. It includes an alpha layer for Kupra that will work with any other BoM-enabled body (and will save all that fiddling around with alpha HUDs!)

The leggings are from a humungous 35-colour BoM set from Riot, also for Saturday Sale (L$75 for the fatpack). Mar’s wearing the ‘ghost’ tone with this look. The gorgeous suede Poland Boots are from Essenz, again for Saturday Sale (L$75). Mar opted for the fatpack, which is a bit more spendy at L$650, but the colour shown in this post is in one of the smaller 3-colour packs (the one on the right of the display) for just L$75 and it matches this colour of the oversized top perfectly! They come in fits for Maitreya, Legacy, and eBody Reborn.

Lastly, I’ve shown this jewellery before, but it’s so pretty I’m going to show it again. These are the Nora Choker & Earrings which are group gifts from Orsini Jewelry. The group costs L$150 to join, but there are several gifts at the store, including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, and belly piercings.

Although most of these items are out for Saturday Sale, a lot of the creators who take part in the weekend sales leave their items out all weekend, so if you can’t grab them today, try tomorrow!


Fashionable Mystique!

Fashionable Mystique!

Hi peeps!

Just a small handful of weekend offers today: one from Saturday Sale, and two from Happy Weekend!

These lovely comfy Fall Jeans with Boots are from Fashionably Dead in the Saturday Sale, and are L$75 per denim tone (with fits for Maitreya, Legacy, eBody Reborn, Kupra, Freya, and Slink Hourglass). I’ve teamed it with an old weekend sale jacket from Blueberry, and a positively ancient system top from Sn@tch (worn via Bakes on Mesh, of course!)

Below is a side view of the jeans and boots, plus an image of the boot colour options that you get with each single denim tone of the jeans. There are many more boot colours in the fatpack.

The hair is a fabby fatpack for Happy Weekend (L$60) from Wasabi, called Mystique, and contains three huge colour HUDs: Colours, Roots, and Variety. The makeup is from a mixed BoM and applier (BoM for the eyeshadows, appliers for the included lipstick) set for EvoX heads, from Vorobyev for Happy Weekend (L$60). I’ve teamed it with one of the lipsticks from the (now finished) Holiday Special giveaway, from Holloway Beauty (which looks like it still might be available, as the vendors are still out!)


New Year Sparkles – A pretty party look from Just Because, Kibitz, Sequoia, and Poppet!

New Year Sparkles – A pretty party look from Just Because, Kibitz, Sequoia, and Poppet!

Hi peeps!

Not only is it weekend sale time, but it’s also a big party weekend. If it’s not already 2023 for you, you can get your virtual glam on before the fireworks by running around in the next few hours and grabbing these lovely cheapies. And hey, even if it is already 2023 for you, you can never have enough glammy stuff; that’s what I say!

The dress is from Just Because, and comes in six pretty shades. It has animated sparkles (choose from several colours!) over the top of the dress, or you can turn off the sparklies if you don’t want them. This is a Saturday Sale item and costs L$75. It contains fits for Maitreya, Legacy & Legacy Perky, Kupra, and eBody Reborn.

Mar’s jewellery is all from Kibitz: the Marla’s Necklace (four metal colours, sold separately for L$75 each, with fits for Maitreya, Legacy, and eBody Reborn) for Saturday Sale, and the Tara’s Earrings (two metal colours, sold separately) which are unrigged and still available from Fifty Linden Friday.

The lipstick is from a BoM set for EvoX heads, by Poppet for So Kawaii Sunday (L$65) and the eyeshadow is a lovely EvoX applier set from Sequoia at The Sales Room (L$75). I’ve still got my Alaskametro sparkly BoM eyeshadow underneath it, to add a little bit of glimmer. Look in the previous posts for that one!

Lastly, the eyes are a stunning LeLutka applier & BoM set from Sequoia for Crafty Weekend Sales (L$75). Sequoia also have quite a few group gifts in their store, and the group join is only L$10. Well worth a peep if you want some new peepers!

Happy New Year, from Mar! x


Limited LAQ!

Limited LAQ!

Hi peeps!

Post number two from me today, and you have to get your skates on for this one, because the offer is ONLY on for today: Sunday December 9th 2018. (It was also on yesterday, but I was offline that day and didn’t realise – oops!)

LAQ are selling their Noelle Bento mesh head – just for this weekend – for only L$300. The Marketplace link for both the demo and the full head is here, and here is a screenshot:

This head comes with the following:

  • the head itself
  • a modifiable shape
  • alpha for just the head
  • alpha for the head and body
  • brow shaper
  • skin applier (single tone, head only)
  • user manual notecard

Note, too, that this head is Omega-ready, so you can use your favourite Omega skins on it!

Because of the way that LAQ sells their heads and HUD separately, there is no HUD in the folder for this head. The main HUD sells for L$3000 and it works across all LAQ heads, but if you only want to be able to clear layers on this limited offer head, you can pick up the Clear Layers HUD for just L$50 at the LAQ mainstore:

If you join the LAQ group (it’s free, just paste this link into chat and click it) you’ll find the following group freebies on a table at the mainstore:

  • pale skin applier (single tone, head only)
  • snowflake on tongue with animation
  • eyelashes applier
  • eye reflections & shadows applier
  • mouth & teeth applier

The LAQ mainstore can be found here. And here – while Mar is stalking some lucky chairs! – is a quick screenshot of what she looks like after a little bit of shape-work. Her skin applier is an old one by The Plastik:


Free Dove Feature: FurtaCor dress & heels

Free Dove Feature: FurtaCor dress & heels

  • Mesh body parts required for the dress & shoes
  • Dress & shoes are free. 50L for skin, group join fees for hair & jewellery

Hi peeps!

Here’s another Free Dove feature for you, with a gorgeous texture-change dress and shoes from FurtaCor. I love this, because there are so many mix-n-match options for plain colours and patterns between the main body of the dress, its drapey section (totally a word, and totally because I can’t think of the proper word!) and the shoes.

You’ll find the dress at The Free Dove. You’ll need to be in the (free-to-join) Free Dove group, and to have the ‘Blessed by a Dove’ group tag active when you click in order to get the item.

The dress is rigged for Maitreya, Slink Physique & Hourglass, and TMP bodies, while the shoes are rigged for Maitreya, Slink, and TMP. Mar’s opted for the pretty red floral option here, but as you can see from the HUD you can chop and change multiple options, so you can have a plain-colour dress, a patterned dress, patterned dress with plain drape, and plain dress with patterned drape. You can also have plain or pattern on the shoes. I love outfits that come with this much customisability! (I’m really doing well with the new words here, aren’t I? lol!)

Gotta just show the fabby shoes as well. I really love this style!

Moving on to the skin, and this gorge ‘Dreams’ Omega applier (for both face and body) is a 50L offer by 7 Deadly Skins. It comes with the red lipstick already on it, and it was initially put out for July 4th, but it’s still on the desk in the mainstore, so if you want it, hurry over there to pick it up! (Guys, you’ll also find a completely FREE shape for the Akeruka ‘Leon’ head that was recently a free gift on the desk, so if you have that head, that’s one you might want to pick up, too.)

Mar’s eyeshadow is another lovely freebie tester by alaskametro. This one’s the ‘Soiree’ version (Marketplace links to: Lelutka, Catwa, and Omega versions). Alaska is so incredibly generous to offer one shade of each of her makeups absolutely free, as wearable testers.

Mar’s hair is the July group gift from Truth. As I’ve mentioned several times before, if you can stump up the L$350 join fee for the Truth VIP group, it is SO worth it! Every month you’ll get a full fatpack – usually including a styling HUD for even more options! – of Truth’s gorgeous hair. This lovely ‘Gwen’ style has options for a braid, flowers, or nothing around the pulled-back loose bun, as well as many different options for the bangs/fringe and little wispy bits.

Finally, another group with a join fee is Kunglers Fashion Design. For the L$50 join fee this month you’ll get this beautiful jewellery set. The ‘Dalva’ rings come with gem options for crystal, topaz, and tourmaline, and the ‘Jeska’ earrings come with gem options for quartz, topaz, tourmaline, and obsidian.

Free Dove feature: Hilly Haalan dress

Free Dove feature: Hilly Haalan dress

  • Some mesh body parts required (for the heels) but the dress can be worn by classic avatars!
  • Group join fee of L$350 required for the hair

Hi peeps!

There are some gorge new items out at The Free Dove, so I thought I’d take you through some of them over the next couple of weeks. I’m kicking off with this fantastic freebie dress from Hilly Haalan. It comes with a super-generous HUD containing 30 colours each for the skirt, top, and neck section:

The dress comes as a fitmesh version (which Mar is wearing here on her Maitreya body) as well as standard sizing and alpha layers, so it can be worn by both mesh avatars (using the alpha cuts on their mesh body HUD) and by classic avatars using the system body.

Mar has teamed the dress with the L$20 My Bloody Heels (Marketplace link) by Mirus. They come with a 6-texture HUD and contain heels rigged for Slink, Maitreya, and TMP.

Mar’s hair is the new VIP group gift from Truth. This group is SO worth the L$350 join fee! Every month (there or thereabouts) you’ll get a new hairstyle in a full fatpack of colours.

Lastly, a big spendy purchase that’s definitely not Nowt-y, but the Genus Project have just released the group-only beta version of their first Bento mesh head, called Genus. It’s available for L$3000 at the Genus Project mainstore, but you’ll need to be in the group (free to join – click here for the group link) and have your group tag active before you purchase in order to get it. The full priced head, when released, will be L$5500 (yes, I made a typo in the pic of Mar at the bottom of the post!) Remember to try the demo first!

This is a lovely head, whose skins match The Skinnery’s body appliers. You’ll get three tones in the beta version: bronze, (which Mar is wearing), ‘brownie’, and peach. The full head, once released, will contain all skintones. And, of course, everyone who purchased the beta version will receive a free upgrade to the full version.

The early access offer ends on Monday 18th June.

In the pink with 7 Deadly Skins & Legendaire!

In the pink with 7 Deadly Skins & Legendaire!

  • This one’s a mixture of mesh and non-mesh avatars. Read on!
  • Minimal-spend look!

Hi peeps!

Some fantastic news for those of you who have just picked up a new mesh head and/or body and want to get some great skins for it. 7 Deadly Skins is approaching its 5th anniversary, and designer Izara Zuta has a ton of treats in store!

First up, the group join fee has been reduced to just 50L$ for almost a whole year! So grab your alts and saddle up to join the 7 Deadly Skins group, because gifts are generous, events are plentiful, and this is a group well worth joining! Even if you’ve not yet hopped onto the mesh head-n-body bandwagon, there will be system skins and shapes as well, so this is one you want to be in!

Before we get into the makeup, this is the first week’s offer for the ladies: the Becky skin. This comes in four skintones (apricot, caramel – which Mar is wearing here – oak, and walnut) and includes Omega appliers for both head and body. It also includes versions both with and without brows, in case you want to apply your own preferred brows. If you want to use this on your mesh head and body, they need to be either Omega-compatible out of the box, or you’ll need to pick up the relevant Omega relays for them. (For example: if you have a Catwa head and a Slink body, like Mar does, you’ll need the Omega relays for Catwa and Slink.)

In this gift you also get a modifiable shape (not shown here), and a brow-shaper. Here’s a shot of the bare-faced skin, before Mar slaps on the lippy!

Guys, you’re not left out either! Here’s the first week’s gift for you. The Dio skin includes Omega face appliers in caramel, clay, steam, and taupe with options for facial hair (the normal versions have a light five o’clock shadow, and the B1 versions have facial hair as shown in the smaller inset pic below), plus Omega body appliers with (V2) and without (V1) body hair. There’s also a Signature body applier for the taupe version.

Pic by 7 Deadly Skins.

Now onto the other goodies! Legendaire have a new group gift out: this gorgeous Cora texture-change maxi dress! It comes with fits for Slink (Physique only), Belleza, and Maitreya, plus Standard Sizing. It also includes a pair of heels (not worn here).

The Legendaire group is just 49L to join, and soooo worth it. There’s a ton of group gifts available, some of which I’ve blogged before. This dress, though, is gorgeous: sexy enough for a night out and bright enough to wear to a tropical party night at a hot beach location in-world! There are four possible textures to use, including a stunning yellow one that I almost used for these piccies.

The scarf, hair, and jewellery are part of a 29L (yes, I goofed again on the pic text above; what is it with me and fumbly-fingers lately?!) offer just outside the door at Legendaire: the Donatella set. This comprises hair with a 10-colour HUD (all the natural shades you could want, from blonde through to black), a texture-change scarf with 10 pattern and 10 solid colour options and multiple colours for the gems etc, the earrings and bangles (I did size down the earrings by about 40% – they rez absolutely huge and Mar doesn’t wear enormous hoop earrings). There are also two clutch bags with different holds and a 10-colour-change HUD.

The eyeshadow is this gorgeous Bali free tester from Alaskametro on the Marketplace. (That link takes you to the Catwa applier, but this link will take you to the search for Bali which also includes options for a Lelutka applier and a system tattoo layer.) Alaska has lots of free wearable testers available there, so check them out!

Lastly, here’s a screenshot of the notecard from 7 Deadly Skins, which details all of the offers. Remember to check every week for the new gift skins!

Happy anniversary, Izara, and thank you for all the gifts!

Other items

Body: Slink Physique
Head: Catwa Catya
Nails: OEC Slink Clawz (not available anymore, sorry!)
Eyes: Avi-Glam (Christmas gift, probably also not available anymore)

ETA: I couldn’t resist it! I had to show the yellow dress, too!

Fish up a bag of goodies at Sn@tch!

Fish up a bag of goodies at Sn@tch!

  • Mesh body parts required for some items, but not all
  • Minimal spend look (initial purchase of fishing rod required for most items)

Hi peeps!

Let’s get this out of the way first: you have no idea how much of a struggle it was not to turn that headline into a joke about having a fishy Sn@tch. No idea at all ;)


In yesterday’s post about the lucky boards at Sn@tch I mentioned that the ‘Fish for This’ outfit was probably going to be changed out at the weekend, which was why I wasn’t going to blog about it. But it turns out there’s another week to go! So here’s a blog post about some of the items you can win if you have a 7 Seas Fishing Rod and park your butt at Sn@tch to cast for the New Year Grab Bag of goodies.

There are 20 items to fish for, and they include clothing, hair, footwear, and decor items, including some very generous colour and texture-change HUDs. But, before we get into what you can catch, you’re possibly wondering how the heck you fish for this stuff! Hop behind the cut for info and then for pics of some of the items :)

Read More Read More

Do you have a lucky Sn@tch?

Do you have a lucky Sn@tch?

  • Mesh body parts required (except for the Baby Monkey boots, which also work for classic avatars)
  • Minimal spend look (most of it’s free!)

Hi peeps!

The lucky boards at Sn@tch have been refilled with new goodies, so I sent Mar over there to plunk her butt on a chair and play the “I can click faster than you can!” game, while at the same time doing some last-minute fishing for the Sn@tch “Fish for This” goody bag of 20 random items. (I won’t blog any of that, because I think it changes over today, so I’ll probably send her back again to fish for the new outfit tonight).

I’m just going to show some of the fabby new lucky board items in this post. Most of them come with multiple-colour HUDs, and the mesh items come rigged for several bodies as well as Standard Sizing.

First up, this lovely snuggly Wilora argyle dress, which comes with an 8-colour HUD for changing textures. Mar has teamed it with these fantastic Anais Tall Boots by Baby Monkey, which are just 10L$ on Marketplace, for a super-generous 32-colour HUD (including brights, jewel tones, neutrals, and soft pastel shades). These are especially fab because they can be worth either with Slink High feet or on a classic avatar!

Next, for a super-sexy Dita Von Teese look, the Ava Bustier & Pencil Skirt. The skirt is black-only, but you get a generous 8-colour Omega HUD for the top (and, for classic avatars, clothing layers, too!) Mar has teamed it withe the JLO Heels by Legendaire, which are 59L$ in the ‘Recommended’ section of the Legendaire in-world store (head toward the Outlet area to find it). They come with two HUD options: 10 plain colours (with the ability to mix and match between the upper, insole, and heel) and 4 pattern options for the shoe upper. They fit Slink High, Maitreya, and Belleza feet.

This gorgeous Taban Brocade Poncho is also in the Sn@tch lucky board, with a 10-colour HUD that’s filled with lovely colour options.

Bring your Daisy Duke attitude with this great little Omega applier set. The Connor Tied Flannel Top comes with a 12-colour HUD, as well as a bonus pair of jean shorts! And for classic avatars these also come in clothing layers :)

Next up, this drop-dead-sexy dress with a tentacle twist and a 12-colour HUD!

And, lastly but not leastly (totally a phrase that I didn’t just make up) this cute-as-a-button Crushed Silk Pouf Dress with… erm NOT a 5-colour HUD as stated in the image below but a TEN-colour HUD (oops!)

Mar’s hair throughout this look is Truth’s December 2017 VIP gift: Tinsley. If you can scrape up the 350L$ to join this group it’s sooooo worth it. Every month you get a massive fatpack of exclusive Truth hair with multiple styling options!

Other credits:

  • Head: Catwa – Catya
  • Body: Slink – Physique
  • Skin: Deetalez – Octavia