Shine On

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Apr 012017

Aaaand the second post from me today is a lovely group gifty skin and shape pack from Shine!

– No mesh body or body parts required. This one works for classic avatars!
– No spend look. Completely free!

This pretty skin is part of a six-makeup pack of the ‘Amy’ skin in tan, which is a group gift right now at Shine. Join the Shine group (it’s free!) and head to the store, and you’ll find the group gift on the back wall. Just to your right – if you have a mesh body – you’ll also find appliers (all skin tones in one HUD) for most mesh bodies as well as Slink hands and feet, for just L$10 each. (The Slink body applier also works with hands and feet; the separate hands/feet appliers are for people who have those but don’t have the body.) As well as the six skins, you’ll also find in the folder a (no-modify) shape, lots of different freckle, cleavage, pubic hair, and teeth tattoos, and a brow shaper. Mar is wearing the shape and the ‘smokey’ makeup skin for this post.

Right now, due to the time constraints of a brand new small person in her life, Love Foxdale of Shine can’t devote the time that she would like to SL, and so she’s put out this gorgeous group gifty and is also hosting a sale at her store (all clothing items are 90% off!) while she decides whether to retain a small in-world store or move to Marketplace-only until she’s ready to return to SL on a more regular basis.

Thank you for the gift, Love, and enjoy every minute with your new precious baby girl. They grow up so fast!

Luscious curves & Valentine pretties!

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Feb 102017

– No mesh body or body parts required. This one works for classic avatars!
– Also includes an all-in-one applier for: Slink, Belleza, Maitreya, and Omega
– Minimal spend look. Just L$1!

Hi, peeps!

Today I’ve got a luscious curvy shape for you, as well as cute-as-a-button pink hair, a lovely skin, and a slinky silky dress.

Isn’t that a super-sexy, curvaceous shape?! I’m completely in love with it, and it’s absolutely free! But before we get into that, I’m taking you to the Free Dove to pick up that slinky pink dress by Tiffany Designs, which is perfect for a hot Valentine date! (That link will give you a red arrow to follow, taking you directly to the dress’s location at the back of the store.)

The dress comes with tons of options, including clothing layers for classic avatars, an all-in-one applier for Slink, Maitreya, Belleza, and Omega, a mesh skirt piece (in several sizes), prim extras for those lovely floaty lace sections around the legs, and the pearl jewellery (necklace, bracelet, and stud earrings). Absolutely, bargainously free!

Next up, head to Marketplace to spend a measly L$1 on these shoes by Mayden Couture. They come with a pretty easy-to-use skin colour HUD, with presets to start you off and you can then fine-tune the shade to match your skin. An added bonus (especially for newbie girls who don’t have the money to spend on Slink feet) is that they come with sculpted feet. I know that Slink feet are gorgeous – heck, I own them! – but when you’re new to SL and don’t have the L$675 to spend on a pair of feet, you still want some nice heels. I noticed that, even at the Free Dove, most of the female shoes are now for Slink High feet, which is surprising. I would have thought to see a few more options for non-Slink wearers, especially since the Free Dove is all about helping newbies! I know that few people are really making shoes with included feet these days, but still… :(

And, finally, we’re heading to JStyle. This is the place you’ll need to join the group for.

NOTE: All of the JStyle groups send out a lot of notices (they tend to be multiple repeats of the same notice for several days, until a new notice comes out), so I strongly suggest that – if you stay in the group(s) – you disable group notices for each of them, and just check them manually once a week for new items.

The group is the JStyle Mesh Head group. (Don’t get as excited as I did, thinking you get a free mesh head!) You’ll need the group tag active, and once you’ve done that, click the box for the Mesh Head group gift on the desk just inside the store. Inside this box you’ll find that stunning curvy shape, the skin (complete with makeup – please note this is a system skin only. There are no appliers), the hair, a brow shaper, and an alpha layer to help you with the hair. Mar did need a hairbase under it, so she used the pink shade of Amacci’s free hairbase tattoo layers.

Another little note: This hair isn’t rigged 100% perfectly. I noticed that, when Mar moved her head, the hair sunk into her face a little on the right side. The hairbase tattoo made up for it, and since it’s absolutely free, it’s not anything to kick up a fuss about. I just like to warn my readers in advance, so make sure you get those hairbase tattoos to wear under the hair :)

If you’re up for joining another (free) group, you can pick up another lovely mesh hair in the store – just a little to the right. There are currently female and male mesh hairstyles absolutely free to members of the main JStyle group (again, very active, so disable group notices unless you want to be swamped!) Make sure you click the large images with the group tag active, not the smaller boxes underneath them.

Here’s a shot of the store and various locations:

On the left you can see the desk with the hair and skin etc gift in it. There’s a second gift of a pink mesh dress (that requires yet another free-to-join group!) so if you want to grab that, do! And on the right you can see the two group gift mesh hairs. Make sure you click the big pictures! I’ll show a close-up of the female hair at the end of this post.

Mar’s eyes and mesh lashes are both from default starter avatars, which you’ll find in your inventory’s library. The eyes are from the ‘Iliana’ avatar and the lashes from the ‘Leah’ avatar. You can edit the lashes to fit your eyes quite easily.

And here’s a better look at that stunning shape. As I note in the image, it’s NOT modifiable, but it states that it’s for Medium Standard Sizing, so any mesh clothing that’s in the M size should fit it. And honestly, that face is super-cute and so worth it!

Lastly, here’s a close-up of that other ladies mesh hair group gift from JStyle:


De-Noob for Nowt: One for the guys!

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Mar 112013

It’s about time I showed you blokes some love (um, not like that, though!) so here’s a De-Noob for Nowt post especially for the menfolk of SL. Everything in this look cost exactly… nothing. Nada. Not a bean. Totally free. Best price there is, right? ;)

Hop behind the cut!

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De-noob for Nowt: Golden Autumn

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Oct 202012

It’s been a while since I wrote a De-noob for Nowt post, and I’ve noticed that I seem to be moving away from ‘nowtiness’ and into ‘moneyness’ on the blog. Since this blog is called SL for Nowt, it seems rather silly of me to post almost exclusively about offers that you need some money for, be they the ‘up to L$75’ items, or the ‘L$50 pay-to-join group’ items. I need to start re-injecting the blog with nowtiness again!

To that end, I’m reviving this series of posts. The De-noob for Nowt posts contain entire avatar looks for free. Not a single Linden buck required to be spent. To that end, I have created a new alt (say hi to Ruth!) and she has absolutely NO money (poor lass!) I won’t be transferring even so much as L$1 to her, in order to buy a dollarbie. She’s skint and she’ll stay that way, so that I can bring you some entirely-freebie looks :)

Here’s the first, which I call Golden Autumn.

Everything in this look is absolutely free (and almost all from Marketplace), so hop behind the cut for more pics and info :)

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Maschienenwerk lives… as Santo!

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Jul 072012

Glory be! Maschienenwerk has not vanished off the face of SL; it’s merely re-branded as Santo. There are slightly fewer freebie items than there once were, but still plenty to be had in the store. If you join the (free) group you can also get other items, such as a fatpack of ‘Kicks’ sneakers, and two photorealistic avatars: one male, one female.

It’s one of these avatars that I’m showcasing today. I’ve noticed that it’s relatively easy (as always) to find good-quality cheap and free black skins for female avatars, but for male avatars a bit of spending is required. Well, Santo has put out as a group gift this amazing Ron avatar, which features a muscular shape, a fabulously-photoreal skin, brow shape, and brown eyes:

You’ll need to join the Santo group (paste this link into chat and click it; it’s free-to-join) and have your group tag active in order to get the avatar.

The Affliction Jeans and Camo T are also free, and you’ll find those on the floor of the store. The 6-Colour Kicks pack is also a group gift, and if you look around at that end of the store you’ll find tons of other great freebies, from boots and sneakers to t-shirts and jeans, even some mesh clothing.

You’ll find Santo in the middle of the incredible Wastelands regions, so get your grunge gear out and head on out. Here’s your beat-up old Hummer to get there ;)

Victoriana of most excellent value!

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Feb 192012

Hi peeps! Following on from my Quick Freebie Fix post of a few days ago, I decided to hop around the grid and poke around Marketplace to find some gorgeous Victorian gowns for you, both freebie and extremely cheapie!

Hop behind the cut for bounteous bustles :)

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De-noob for nowt: Duck eggs!

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Feb 052012


Duck egg blue, of course! It’s the colour of this pretty little freebie dress from Garage. In fact, Mar’s entire look here is absolutely free. Most of it is from stores on Marketplace, which is Second Life’s out-world shopping site, but a couple of items are limited-time offers, and one is a lucky board freebie.

Firstly, her shape is from this freebie skin/shape pack by Imagine, on Marketplace (at least, that’s what I think the store is called, going by the creator’s profile; sorry if I got it wrong!).

Her skin is the current group freebie at AL Vulo! (paste this link into chat and click it to bring up the group window and join – it’s absolutely free – then head to the store with your group tag active and click the panel inside the little wooden shed outside).

Her hair is a freebie from A&A on Marketplace, and you can find it here. It’s a lovely, loose little up-do with a colour-change barrette. This style will only be free until February 28th 2012.

Her shoes are from the lucky boards at Baby Monkey. Head to the store and wait until the first letter of your username (that’s the name you log in with, not the display name that you can change!) comes up on either the boards or the lucky chairs, then click or sit to win!

Finally, her eyes are a freebie from Virtual Diva, here on Marketplace.

I’ve put another pic behind the cut which shows off the back of the hairstyle, and the super-cute butt on this shape ;)

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