Maschienenwerk lives… as Santo!

Maschienenwerk lives… as Santo!

Glory be! Maschienenwerk has not vanished off the face of SL; it’s merely re-branded as Santo. There are slightly fewer freebie items than there once were, but still plenty to be had in the store. If you join the (free) group you can also get other items, such as a fatpack of ‘Kicks’ sneakers, and two photorealistic avatars: one male, one female.

It’s one of these avatars that I’m showcasing today. I’ve noticed that it’s relatively easy (as always) to find good-quality cheap and free black skins for female avatars, but for male avatars a bit of spending is required. Well, Santo has put out as a group gift this amazing Ron avatar, which features a muscular shape, a fabulously-photoreal skin, brow shape, and brown eyes:

You’ll need to join the Santo group (paste this link into chat and click it; it’s free-to-join) and have your group tag active in order to get the avatar.

The Affliction Jeans and Camo T are also free, and you’ll find those on the floor of the store. The 6-Colour Kicks pack is also a group gift, and if you look around at that end of the store you’ll find tons of other great freebies, from boots and sneakers to t-shirts and jeans, even some mesh clothing.

You’ll find Santo in the middle of the incredible Wastelands regions, so get your grunge gear out and head on out. Here’s your beat-up old Hummer to get there ;)

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