Mar 112013

It’s about time I showed you blokes some love (um, not like that, though!) so here’s a De-Noob for Nowt post especially for the menfolk of SL. Everything in this look cost exactly… nothing. Nada. Not a bean. Totally free. Best price there is, right? ;)

Hop behind the cut!

For this look you need to visit just three stores, join two (free) groups, and grab one freebie from Marketplace. So let’s get started!

Your first store visit will be to JStyle. Before you go there, paste this link into chat and open your chat history. Click the link and join the group. BE WARNED: This group has a LOT of notices, so it’s a really good idea to disable the group’s notices, or else you’ll be flooded with IMs when you’re offline, and those might stop other inventory offers coming through to you.

Once you’re in the group, make sure your group title is active, then head to the JStyle store (it’s usually pretty busy). Not everything in here is free (even the stuff marked ‘group gift’) so take your time and look around. Most of the large pictures closest to you contain the current freebies. These include skins, shapes and outfits. PLEASE NOTE: the store changes the gifts very regularly, so you may not get this particular skin and shape, but all of them are excellent, so it’s worth your time clicking. Check out the side walls, too. Just hover your cursor over them and, if it doesn’t turn into a ‘purchase’ symbol, then it’s a group gift.

Keep going back every few days, because the gifts will change and you’ll be able to pick up even more items!

Mar’s male avatar is wearing the Cesar skin and shape from JStyle:

Your second port of call is the Santo store. This used to be called Maschienenwerk, and – just like that store – it moves around all the time. So, if it’s not where the link in this post takes you, just search for it in-world.

First of all, join the Santo group (paste this link into chat and click it, as before; it’s free!) then head to the store at its current location. At the far end you’ll find various items of clothing (including mesh items), footwear, and even a fabulous photoreal black male skin. There are a few items on the floor in that area, too. Some are group gifts (you’ll need to make sure your group tag is active for that) and some are just set to buy for L$0.

Mar’s male avatar is wearing the NOS Jacket in the image above. Below, he’s wearing the Clay Jeans in black (there are three colours in the pack) and the Superstars Sneakers. The sneakers don’t come with alpha layers, but there’s a comprehensive free pack of alpha layers here on Marketplace. Find the ‘foot’ one that works best.

Finally, his hair is the Rave style in Skunk Blonde 2, by MADesigns at the FabFree store, his hairbase is from the free Hairbase 2 pack at Exile (the Raven shade), and his eyes are the freebie Opal Eyes by SavePoint on Marketplace.

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