Skybox, sweet skybox

Skybox, sweet skybox

I have two bargainous skyboxes for you this weekend. The first is a permanent freebie from Domicile: the Norfolk Skybox. It’s a 10m x 20m skybox in soothing pastel colours and it’s 17 prims. You actually get two skyboxes in the pack: a plain one and one with spotted end walls.

Here’s the plain one:

Hop behind the cut for a pic of the other one, and for a limited-time (this weekend only!) gorgeous night-time skybox from A:S:S :)

This is the other variant of Domicile’s Norfolk Skybox. I love this one, with it’s spotty end walls. It would make a nice little home or a great changing room:

For the second skybox bargain of the weekend you’ve gotta run, because it’s only available at this cheap price this weekend (well, given that I’m posting on Sunday it’s only available today – Sunday 28th August 2011). It’s the lush and super low-prim That Night skybox from A:S:S, and it’s L$10. It’s 20m x 20m and just 8 (yes, eight!) prims, thanks to the new-sized prims that creators have been able to work with since mesh was rolled out on the grid. I predict we’ll be seeing a lot more great low-prim homes being made available soon :)

The That Night skybox is very atmospheric and would be great for a romantic location if you have a loved-one that you want to treat *g* It’s also perfect for a goth-y home or roleplay location.

Here’s a quick little guide to the rezzer/vendor at A:S:S, because it might be a bit confusing for newbies. You’ll land on a black platform (don’t step off it!) and there’s a big panel beside you. There may or may not be a skybox rezzed around you (and it might not be the one you want).

Click the ‘prev’ and ‘next’ buttons until the correct skybox is displayed in the centre panel. To view the skybox you want, click the ‘rez’ button and the skybox will drop down around you. You can now walk around and have a good look.

When you want to buy, return to the black platform and simply click the box rezzed under the main display panel.


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