And Gabriel appeared and said unto the avatar, “Lo! I bear freebies!”

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Apr 062013


Gabriel has some fabby gifts available for its group members. The group’s free-to-join (you know the drill by now: paste this link into chat, click it to bring up the group window, etc). With your group tag active, head to the Gabriel store and walk North. Just behind the big ad for the store’s new clothing collection, you’ll see this whopping wall of great freebies:

Look closely, gents. There are seven great pairs of high-quality free shoes and boots there for you. I’m always bemoaning the dearth of high-quality freebie male footwear in SL, but Gabriel’s got you (well, your feet, anyway) covered!

Hop behind the cut for close-ups of all the gifts :)

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New freebies for the CoCo Designs group!

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Apr 062013

A while back, I blogged about some of the great free gifts offered by CoCo Designs to their free-to-join group. Well, there are two new gifts out now, and one of them’s some great unisex mesh boots (so boys, pay attention!)

Paste this link into chat and click it to bring up the group-join window. Then, with your group tag active, head to the CoCo Designs store and turn West (according to your viewer’s mini-map). All the gifts are on that West wall, with these two new ones on the far right. Here they are:

Ladies, you’ll need to wear the rigged mesh boots. Gents, make sure you wear the non-rigged versions, as those are the only ones that can be resized to fit your bigger feet :)

Kunglers Outlet

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Feb 022013

Here’s a gorgeous cheapie dress that I found at the Kunglers Outlet store:

It’s the Claudia Dress in ‘forest’ for just L$60 (there’s also a lovely pink version for the same price). I splurged a bit on some matching jewellery, too (L$150, but gorgeous!)

Mar’s skin is the current Al Vulo! group gift [ group link – free to join ] [ in-world store ] and her hair is a new, limited-time freebie from A&A on Marketplace: the Agnesa Hair in ‘mixed brown’ [ link ] – the promo price for that hair ends on 15th February 2013.

Mar’s shoes are the L$50 colour-change MIB Stilettos from HoC Industries [ in-world store ] and her eyes are the new group gift from IKON: the Lucid Eyes in ‘optimism’ [ group link – free to join ] [ in-world store ]. I’ll be blogging those eyes in detail in another post today.

Gothique (includes limited-time offers)

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Dec 092012

There are a couple of very limited-time offers in this look, so if you want them, you need to get your skates on!

The first of the limited-time offers is the dress. This is the Glitter Holiday Mesh Dress in black (other colours, and non-glittery ‘swirl’ versions also available) and it’s just L$60 today (Sunday Dec 9th) at Sweeter Than Candy. It’s part of the 60L Weekends offers.

The other limited-time offer also ends today, and that’s for the stunning Eternal Eyes in the ‘peak’ shade, from IKON. This is a group gift, so if you’re not already a member then paste this link into chat and click it to bring up the group-join box (it’s free-to-join), then – with your group tag active – head to the IKON store and click the box inside for the freebie.

Hop behind the cut for info on all the other items!

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Dec 072012

Hi peeps!

There’s a gorgeous blue mesh dollarbie necklace waiting for you at the Bliensen + MaiTai store at the Winter Fair.

A tip to find the shop, as there’s a central landing point: fly up above the stores and towards the red beam. The Bliensen + MaiTai store is at the very back of the eastern side of the sim. The fair runs until December 15th.

Seldom a Fulo

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Oct 282012

Seldom a fool? *nudge* Geddit? *sigh* Yep, I think that’s my worst title pun to date ;)

Ladies! Hie thee to Seldom Blue and hunt for a pumpkin, to find this lovely free dress. Here’s a wee clue for you: It’s easy to find, but you must look behind/For this dress full of class, take yourself to the glass.

Hrm. I should’ve been a poet!

Also in this look are a fabby pair of earrings, which are a gift from Fulo! at the Flawless sim. Right now, there’s a cart sale at Flawless. Each designer has a small cart full of items on it, at least one of which is priced at just L$50. So hop over there and see if anything takes your fancy!

De-noob for Nowt: Golden Autumn

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Oct 202012

It’s been a while since I wrote a De-noob for Nowt post, and I’ve noticed that I seem to be moving away from ‘nowtiness’ and into ‘moneyness’ on the blog. Since this blog is called SL for Nowt, it seems rather silly of me to post almost exclusively about offers that you need some money for, be they the ‘up to L$75’ items, or the ‘L$50 pay-to-join group’ items. I need to start re-injecting the blog with nowtiness again!

To that end, I’m reviving this series of posts. The De-noob for Nowt posts contain entire avatar looks for free. Not a single Linden buck required to be spent. To that end, I have created a new alt (say hi to Ruth!) and she has absolutely NO money (poor lass!) I won’t be transferring even so much as L$1 to her, in order to buy a dollarbie. She’s skint and she’ll stay that way, so that I can bring you some entirely-freebie looks :)

Here’s the first, which I call Golden Autumn.

Everything in this look is absolutely free (and almost all from Marketplace), so hop behind the cut for more pics and info :)

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She’s just a devil woman

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Oct 072012

(I never thought I would begin a blog post with Cliff Richard lyrics. Oh well… there’s a first time for everything!)

Ladies! PurpleMoon has a surprise group gift waiting for you at the store, and they’re in full-on Halloween mode! This amazing ‘Demonia’ outfit, complete with wings, claws, and hooves is free to all group members:

Mar’s teamed it with the new group gift from Al Vulo! – the Livia (Devil is a Woman) skin, cheapie jewellery from Eternal Jewelry, an amazing hairdo from Iconic, and spooky eyes from IKON. Her backdrop in the above pic is a group gift from KaTink Poses: a corner photo backdrop with a sword-embedded skull (three poses), fog and a bat emitter.

Hop behind the cut for a full pic of the avatar, plus locations and everything else!

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It’s Amacci-ween!

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Oct 012012

*blinks at the title* No, I think that looks rather, er, kinky, actually. Never mind. I meant well! :p

LADIES! Amacci has put out a fabulous four-colour pack of up-do hair especially for us, for Halloween! (I guess, even though it’s a month away, we’re now in October, so it’s time for orange and black to start sprouting up all over the grid.)

The Nami hair comes in four colour variants, all of which I’ve shown here: burnt orange & black, night & orange, night & pumpkin, pumpkin & black.

Hop behind the cut for a pic of the other two colours, plus a screenshot of the freebie wall (which has lots of other goodies on it, including some spooky Halloween-y eyes and another pumpkin-y hairdo for the girls)!

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