Gothique (includes limited-time offers)

Gothique (includes limited-time offers)

There are a couple of very limited-time offers in this look, so if you want them, you need to get your skates on!

The first of the limited-time offers is the dress. This is the Glitter Holiday Mesh Dress in black (other colours, and non-glittery ‘swirl’ versions also available) and it’s just L$60 today (Sunday Dec 9th) at Sweeter Than Candy. It’s part of the 60L Weekends offers.

The other limited-time offer also ends today, and that’s for the stunning Eternal Eyes in the ‘peak’ shade, from IKON. This is a group gift, so if you’re not already a member then paste this link into chat and click it to bring up the group-join box (it’s free-to-join), then – with your group tag active – head to the IKON store and click the box inside for the freebie.

Hop behind the cut for info on all the other items!

Mar’s hair in this look is from the freebie fatpack of Adena hair at Amacci. She’s wearing the ‘jet black’ shade. Her skin is also from Amacci, and it’s one of the store’s offerings for the Peace on Earth hunt (together with another skin, and two hairstyles). Find all hints and tips for the hunt on this blog.

Her shoes and earrings can both be found at The Free Dove. The shoes (in the shoe section, obviously!) are from the BM Classic Shoe Pack for Free Dove 2011, by Baby Monkey. And the earrings (head to the back of the store for the jewellery section!) are the My Heart Post Earrings from Chop Zuey.

Finally, the collar is the L$5 Victorian Black Collar, from T.Z. on Marketplace.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a lovely collar, but there’s a minor hassle with it that’s easy to fix with a steady hand. The lace texture carries over onto the edges of the lace prims, which means you’ll have little black lines around your neck. To fix it: Make a copy of the collar first of all. Then – while wearing it (take off any hair or other ‘in the way’ items) – edit it.

Select ‘edit linked parts’ and then ‘texture’ and click the end of each prim, where you see the black lines. Hold down the Shift key while you do this, and you can multiple-select, but work slowly and watch where the little white ‘target’ lands. You don’t want to accidentally select the main bit of the prim! Once you’ve got them all, search for ‘Default Transparent Texture’ in the texture picker window, and apply it to those ends. Hey presto, the lines are gone!

I realise this is a bit of a hassle, but it’s worth it. Also, the collar is modifiable, and the original lace texture is white. The black colour comes from the colour panel, so – if you like – you can edit this to be any colour you want! Now that is worth the five minutes of effort it takes to get it looking good ;)

Finally, you’ll see from the image below that this dress is very saucy. You’ll have plenty of butt cleavage going on (oh, stop blushing, Mar!). Now is the time to add something eye-catching (as if the bicycle rack wasn’t enough! :p ) to that expanse of spine. You may have a long, knotted necklace that you can turn around so that it drapes down your back. Mar, however, chose a pretty black snowflake tattoo: the Spine Tattoo for L$1 from Felicity on Marketplace.

Don’t forget to grab the limited-time offers today! You snooze, you lose! :p


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