Oct 282012

Seldom a fool? *nudge* Geddit? *sigh* Yep, I think that’s my worst title pun to date ;)

Ladies! Hie thee to Seldom Blue and hunt for a pumpkin, to find this lovely free dress. Here’s a wee clue for you: It’s easy to find, but you must look behind/For this dress full of class, take yourself to the glass.

Hrm. I should’ve been a poet!

Also in this look are a fabby pair of earrings, which are a gift from Fulo! at the Flawless sim. Right now, there’s a cart sale at Flawless. Each designer has a small cart full of items on it, at least one of which is priced at just L$50. So hop over there and see if anything takes your fancy!

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