Fish up a bag of goodies at Sn@tch!

Fish up a bag of goodies at Sn@tch!

  • Mesh body parts required for some items, but not all
  • Minimal spend look (initial purchase of fishing rod required for most items)

Hi peeps!

Let’s get this out of the way first: you have no idea how much of a struggle it was not to turn that headline into a joke about having a fishy Sn@tch. No idea at all ;)


In yesterday’s post about the lucky boards at Sn@tch I mentioned that the ‘Fish for This’ outfit was probably going to be changed out at the weekend, which was why I wasn’t going to blog about it. But it turns out there’s another week to go! So here’s a blog post about some of the items you can win if you have a 7 Seas Fishing Rod and park your butt at Sn@tch to cast for the New Year Grab Bag of goodies.

There are 20 items to fish for, and they include clothing, hair, footwear, and decor items, including some very generous colour and texture-change HUDs. But, before we get into what you can catch, you’re possibly wondering how the heck you fish for this stuff! Hop behind the cut for info and then for pics of some of the items :)

First of all, find yourself 250L$ (preferable) or 100L$ (if you don’t mind putting in more effort – you’ll see what I mean in a minute!) and get over to Sn@tch. At the front of the store you’ll find the 7 Seas Fishing kiosk, where you can buy a fishing rod that will allow you to get hold of the fortnightly Fish for This outfit at Sn@tch. Just click through the vendor until you find the one you want. I’ll detail the two options below.

First up, the Casual Fishing Rod:

This only costs 100L$, but it has a few drawbacks. It can’t be set to auto-cast, so you need to manually click the end of it each time you want to cast out for a fish. This is a lot of effort and (if I’m honest) a bit of a pain in the bum. It also announces everything that you catch in local chat (which can be annoying for people around you, although many of them will be fishing with the same rod and announcing their own catches, but lordy does that fill up your chat window with a horrible scroll!). And, lastly, it can’t be set to auto-decline the fish that you’ll catch alongside the custom prizes, which means you’ll end up with an inventory full of wearable fish. Cute, but an inventory… (wait for it) bloater. I so pun! Oh, and it’s very visible and your avatar goes through a rather daft ‘casting off’ animation each time you fish. Meh… :(

Secondly, the one that I recommend, which is the Pro Fishing Rod Pack:

For 250L$ you can wear an invisible rod if you want to (it’s just a clear ball on your right forearm) which has no cast-off animations. It can be set to varying degrees of silence, from complete silence to announcing in private chat that only you can see. It can be set to auto-decline any type of fish, either by type (common, uncommon, etc) right up to declining ALL fish, so you only keep the custom prizes. And best of all, it can be set to auto-cast, which mean you can set it going and you don’t need to constantly stay at your computer to click-click-click the flippin’ thing all the time! (You can also unbait this rod so you don’t earn XP and level up, which is unnecessary anyway if you’re not actually keeping the fish you’re catching.)

Why is the auto-cast bit good? Well, if you combine it with the auto-accept option in your viewer for accepting inventory offers (you’ll need to relog once you’ve set that, so it ‘sticks’) you can park your avatar at Sn@tch while you go off and do something else (heck, you can even set it going while you sleep in real life) and when you come back you’ll have most or all of the items just sitting there in your inventory!

You can sit anywhere in the store to fish. Most people gather near the entrance, so they can hit up the lucky boards and take advantage of the crowd lowering the price in the riot vendors, but if the constant fishing rod announcements get on your nerves you can sit on one of the nice couches inside the store, away from everyone else. The fishing rod will still work at a distance :)

So onto the stuff! There are 20 prizes in this New Year Grab Bag set, and this will definitely finish next Saturday night (20th January 2017) when a new fishing outfit will be put out. I’m just showing three outfits here that I’ve put together using a combination of the available items.

First up, Mar’s turned into a punk queen. I love this look; it’s so edgy and RAWR! XD

This look is entirely from the fishing set of items. The super-hot lowrise leather pants come in three colours (black, teal, and wine) and the slightly sheer tops come in 10 colour options. Both of the HUDs are Omega, so they’ll work on any mesh body that has Omega compatibility (you may need to buy the relevant Omega relay for your body). And for non-mesh peeps there are clothing layers, too! The boots come in a single version and are resizeable (they razzed pretty big on Mar, but I got them sized down to fit her perfectly), and the hair comes with a 12-colour ‘naturals’ HUD. The look is topped off with these 10L$ Pure Metal Vamp lipsticks from Booty’s Beauty on Marketplace.

Outfit #2 is softer and more girly. The dress is one that I blogged yesterday (from the Sn@tch lucky boards) and the hair – in a 14-colour fades HUD – and the high heel sneaks (in pink plaid only) are from the fishing set:

Mar’s lippy and eyeshadow were both gifts at the Shop and Hop event over Christmas. You can check out the mainstores to see if they’re still available. The lipstick is from a massive gift HUD of Catwa matte lipstick appliers from Amara Beauty, and the eyeshadow was one of several wearable testers from Musa. The piercing is part of a group gift set from Swallow (40L$ to join the group and a ton of gifts in the store!) Here’s a quick snap of what’s currently available there:

Outfit #3 is classy and elegant. This gorgeous gown (only available in black) is also part of the Sn@tch fishing set:

Mar’s wearing with it something with a punky touch: these fabby CHER heels for Slink High feet by R.icielli on Marketplace. Just 49L$ for a 10-colour pack! And, shown below, her earrings are from the Swallow group gifts that I’ve already mentioned, and her lipstick and beauty mark are from a free gift makeup by Shiny Stuffs (scroll back on the blog for a post all about the great freebies and cheapies available there!) Her eyeshadow is another wearable tester from Musa, and her hair is an old group gift from Truth.

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