What’s new at Del Mar! (Clue: LOTS!)

What’s new at Del Mar! (Clue: LOTS!)

Winter has come to Del Mar! Get your big fluffy Ugg boots on, because there’s snow on the ground, and lots of new stuff at my little place up in the sky :)

Hop behind the cut for pics and info!

The big update is a change to the Photo Studio. I now have an extra backdrop, just for the guys! There are two backdrops with pose stands packed full of female poses, and a new one packed full of male poses! Just click the blue ‘i’ sign on the wall between the ladies’ backdrops to learn how to use the pose stands (because they’re not your usual ones that stay visible all the time).

I’ve got lucky boards! Right now, in one of them you’ll find my DIY full-permission Hedge Kit, and in the other my fun ‘unrezzed’ female avatar. And ooh, look! A Christmas tree! There might be something very special under that for all of you, very soon! ;)

I now have changing rooms! If you’re fed up with all the wintry stuff already (oops, sorry!) then take the teleporter that you’ll find by the fireplace in the back of the store, and head up to my lovely, warm adobe buildings in the desert. There are two changing rooms for anyone to use, and the land – as always – has a 2-minute auto-return, so you have plenty of time to unpack bags and boxes while you try stuff on :)

Note: the changing rooms are all mesh, so I’m afraid if you don’t have a mesh-enabled viewer then you won’t be able to see them. I’m going to put in a set of simple, prim changing rooms for those using viewers than can’t render mesh. Hopefully, I should have those in place by Christmas.

Just click the door, go inside, click it again to close, and cosy up on your own, personal pose stand!

Added to that, the wall of freebies is still there, so hop over and see if anything catches your eye. Maybe you’ll find me there, tinkering with stuff! ;)

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