Inventory De-cluttering Schedule: Saturday

Inventory De-cluttering Schedule: Saturday

Here’s your Saturday de-cluttering task!


For those with a bit of time to spare:
– Search for ‘pose’, ‘posing’, and ‘adjustment’ and get rid of all those extraneous pose stands cluttering up your inventory. Then, use my tutorial to make a simple one-prim, one-script Pose HUD to use in future. And keep on top of deleting all those pose stands! Make it something you do before logging off each day: check your Recent Items tab, look in every folder, and get rid of the pose stands!

For those with less time:
– Do the search listed above and ditch the pose stands. Leave the Pose HUD for another time, but remember to keep on top of deleting pose stands!

And, because I’ll never ask you to do something I won’t do myself, here’s the result of yesterday’s task: the 25 oldest objects in Mar’s inventory:

That little lot contains a surprisingly large amount of salvagable items. In order of purchase, they run from the bottom row, on the left (bought at Free Dove on the very first day Mar rezzed). That skirt and sweater set has stood the test of time and still looks great, as does the “70s Chick” outfit near the right, and all the items by S.Y.D and all-but-one of the Layniewear dresses. The camo capris in the “freebie 0L$ yellow box on the middle row are perfectly wearable, as is the red cardigan by Deka. The full-perm boxes in the centre of the middle row had to go, though ;)

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