Inventory De-cluttering Schedule: Sunday

Inventory De-cluttering Schedule: Sunday

Since I woke up super-early today (and it’s a glorious day, so I’m feeling rather chipper) you’re getting your Sunday task on what’s probably still Saturday night for you :p And, since it’s a weekend many of us will have a bit more time free, so there’s an extra task for those that have a lot of time to dedicate to their inventory today.

For those with a lot of time to spare:
– Open up your Body Parts folder and make several new folders inside it, each with an exclamation mark and a space before the folder name (to push it to the top of the list). Make these folders for: Eyes, Hair, Shapes, Skins. If you feel they also belong in here you might want folders for prim hands and feet, hairbase tattoos, and eyebrow shapers, as well as physics layers (if you use them).

– Open up a second inventory window and begin to sort relevant folders into your new body parts folders. Run quick searches (‘eyes’, ‘skin’, etc) to catch the bulk of items first, then start to look for stragglers that you missed. This may seem like a big task, but you’ll be surprised how well you know your inventory (after all, you scroll through it a lot, muttering as you look for something, right?) and you’ll probably catch most items within half an hour or so.

– Sort each new body parts folder as it makes sense to you. This could be by store name, by colour (hair, eyes, and maybe even skins), or by type (hairstyles, shapes, skins, etc). Then sort and file the contents of at least one folder into those sub-folders.

For those with a bit of time to spare:
– Create the folders, as above, and run the same searches to grab as much as you can and stuff it into the relevant folder, but don’t worry overmuch for now about the stragglers. However, if – when you’re logged in at a later date and looking for something – you come across a straggler that belongs in the new folders, put it in there when you see it. Make that a new habit!

For those with less time:
– Create the folders, as above, and do as many of the searches as you can. Try to keep doing this, little and often, whenever you log in. Even five minutes now and then will have everything sorted within a week!

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