Inventory De-cluttering Schedule: Friday

Inventory De-cluttering Schedule: Friday

I’ve been doing these occasionally on Twitter, but it seemed like a fun thing to start on the blog, too: little daily prompts to do a small bit of inventory-sorting. Think of it like cleaning your virtual clutter, Flylady-style!

I’m going to create a schedule of ‘little and often’ things to do each day. While it’s still in the planning stage it’ll just be one thing per day, but I hope to expand it so that there are options for everyone, no matter the state of their inventory.

So we begin with today, which is Friday (at least, for most of the world; those of you in Australia and the like get a free pass!)


For those with a bit of time to spare:
– Rez the 25 oldest items in your Objects folder and unpack them. Take a good look at them. If it’s clothing, try it on to see what it’s like. Some of it may be salvageble (a great top with an iffy pair of pants; you can keep the top!) and some of it may be instantly trashable. File what you want to keep (don’t just let it sit in the unpacked folder; put it somewhere!) and ditch the stuff you don’t want. If it has sentimental value or you might want it in future, rez out a prim into which you’re going to put things you want to keep, and use that as an archive box.

For those with less time:
– Rez the five oldest items in your Objects folder and treat as above.

2 thoughts on “Inventory De-cluttering Schedule: Friday

  1. Hi Mar!
    First i wanted to say, that i really love your blog and dont miss a post!
    And second, i had to to seize your suggestion and rumble through the depth of my inventory. I am really surprised what real treasures are waiting there to be uncovered! Thank you very much, who knows, when i’d have found them without your post :D

    1. Thanks, Jaquelline!

      I figured that most of us know what’s at the top of our objects folder: all that stuff we bought recently and still haven’t unpacked yet! It’s at the bottom, among the very earliest stuff, that we find the long-forgotten treasures. That’s also the place where we’re most likely to find trashable items, too (all that really crappy old full-perm freebie stuff that so many of us pick up during our first week or so in-world), so getting rid of that stuff sort of offsets the extra stuff we’re adding when we unpack those forgotten gems ;)

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