Jan 272013

I’ve spent a few hours hopping around the grid, picking up some items to show my faithful blog readers, but got the shock of my life when I rezzed one freebie skin fatpack package. In fact, I was so stunned, I hit up Twitter to boggle about it:

I kid thee not. While the packaging looks awesome, 181 prims is… a trifle excessive for packaging. Many people only have a handful of prims free; enough to rez a box or a sculpted or mesh bag. I’m not knocking Ramya Skins, by any means; but holy guacamole, lower the prim count on your packaging a little bit, peeps!

Jan 262013

Hi, peeps!

Wow. I can’t believe that Mar’s been in-world for five years now! I know I’ve not been blogging as much lately (RL is pretty busy and I don’t have much energy to run around and find freebies/cheapies, or write up long illustrated tutorials), but I just had to celebrate the occasion with five new looks, all culled from Marketplace (with one in-world group gifty).

Hop behind the cut, for five fabby, cheapie looks!

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Happy New Year! (And quick, grab some cheap & free party frocks!)

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Dec 312012

Wishing all of my fabulous readers a Happy New Year, and a wonderful 2013! Thank you so much for being with me in 2012 (and previous years) and I hope to bring you more gorgeous goodies and helpful hints over the year to come :)

Before you hop behind the cut for the dresses, if you want the perfect thing for a best friends New Year card to send out to people or post on Plurk/Flickr/wherever, hop over to Alouette and grab the free gift on the table. Inside you’ll find the ‘girlfriends’ poseballs (a really cute friends pose) together with mesh Happy New Year crowns (one pink – as worn by Mar, above – and one blue) plus two glasses of champagne (which Mar is hogging both of!). Both you and your bestie will have to pick up the gift, as the items are no transfer, but it’s a lovely little freebie :)

OK, onto the frocks! Hop behind the cut :)

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[ Admin ] – Mar’s New Year Resolution

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Dec 302011

It’s that time of year when, feeling much fatter and unable to look another turkey sandwich or chocolate truffle in the eye, we resolve to: get fit/lose weight/write that novel/call our mother more often.

At the end of each month the local council where I live IRL posts through each letterbox in the town a glossy little book. It’s a nice, A5 book full of local articles and advertising: the kind of useful thing each householder should hang onto in case the washing machine conks out or the heating breaks down and they need the number of a local plumber or gas fitter, etc.

For months and months I just threw these books on the top of the basket where my newspapers, magazines, and catalogues go. And then, clearing out that basket on the day before the recycling bin was collected, I thought: “Why on earth have I kept all these books from six months ago?”

At that moment I decided to have one place for those books: the little rack in my kitchen where I tend to keep my ‘information’ stuff (such as the wheelie bin collection dates). Now, every time a new book comes through the door I take the old book from the rack and chuck it in the recycling bin, replacing it with the new book. The January 2012 issue arrived today, and that’s what got me thinking about forming new habits.

I’ve just begun to form a new habit in SL, too, and I want to share that habit with my readers. To that end I’m publicly announcing it as my New Year Resolution:

In 2012 I resolve to: Deal with it NOW.

This means that, during my login session I will deal with everything that came to me while logged-in. I will:

  • read notecards, trash the ones I don’t want (either if they don’t apply/I’m not interested, or after I’ve gone to pick up or buy whatever they’re advertising);
  • unpack everything I buy/pick up/am sent;
  • try on all clothing (and take pictures wherever possible, the better to build up a visual guide to what I own);
  • rez everything else to see if I actually want to keep it;
  • file everything in its relevant folder before I log off;
  • delete anything extraneous (unpacker/hovertext/etc scripts, notecards, pose stands, extra landmarks).

That’s enough to be going along with, although if I think of anything else I’ll add it to the list. The main point is that I will deal with everything as it comes to me, rather than leaving it all to pile up.

Do you have any New Year SL Resolutions?



PSA: Mar’s Freebie Kits

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Sep 152011

Hi peeps,

It was brought to my attention today that there are stores selling my freebie kits for non-free prices!

These kits were put together by me from some of the best of the old, full-permission items that I found from the huge freebie walls at the NCI locations (which, in turn, were supported by Linden Lab themselves when they were placed at every one of the old Welcome Island points where newbies first rezzed in-world). To that end, they should always be free, and you can still find all of the items in their original boxes on the freebie wall at any NCI location (although they won’t be weeded down to the best of them, like my kits were).

NOTE: The Ladies Starter Kit, while not containing any clothing/skins/etc created by me, does contain many notecards of my own writing, so I do consider those my own intellectual property, the same as all text and images on this blog (and my other blogs) are also my own IP.

I took down my Marketplace store and my little in-world stall some time ago because I wasn’t in-world enough to maintain them, but these items are still floating around out there, and you may run across them in a store selling other full-perm and Business in a Box items. The people who sell this kind of thing rarely think to put the items into a new box of their own creation. Either they’re unaware that it’s very easy to find out the name of any creator, or they just don’t realise that someone buying the items might contact the original creator instead of them (the most common scenario).

While, in this case, it appears to have been a genuine mistake and the person who contacted me about their purchase was refunded their full payment and the store owner was very apologetic (both to them and to me, bless her heart!) I do just want to make my readers aware that these boxes should always be free, and if you’re ever charged any money for them you need to contact the owner of the store where you bought them, because it’s out of my hands to do anything other than send them a notecard about the items. Feel free to link them to this post if you need to.

Here’s a quick composite image of what will probably be on the outside of the boxes:

Store owners, if you’ve bought these items in good faith from a full-perm or Business in a Box store, then you should educate yourselves about why it’s never a good idea to sell these free items. This post on my old blog explains it all: Newbie Notes – Don’t get ripped off! (Full Perm/Businesses in a Box)

No harm done in this case, since it was a genuine mistake on the store owner’s part, but there are less scrupulous people out there who will happily rip you off by selling freebie content. Just keep your eye on the price you’re expected to pay before you hit ‘ok’ on any purchases!

Aug 272011

Now that mesh has been rolled out across the grid, we’re starting to see some designers making good use of it. Jane has released mesh clothing, Pixeldolls has released mesh jewellery, and mesh will become more and more prevalent across Second Life.

BUT… until mesh is supported by the majority of viewers then I probably won’t be blogging it here (for exceptions, see the end of this post). The latest official Linden Lab viewers support it, but the vast majority of TPVs (third party viewers) such as Phoenix, Imprudence, etc currently do not, and these TPVs are used by a great many residents in SL.

What does this mean for those wearing mesh? Well, a large portion of the grid will not see your lovely mesh dress. What they will see is this:

Or something along those lines. It may be a squished sphere like that, or it may be a big cube.

Mesh is still in its infancy, and for those of you that don’t know, it’s non-modifiable by the end-user. That is: if you buy a mesh dress and the alpha layers don’t quite fit you and the dress is too small or too big… there’s nothing you can do. If you start searching online you’ll begin to see some blogposts about this. One that I came across yesterday was here, at Crybaby. You can see the benefits of mesh (heck, we’ve all been waiting for skirts that our legs don’t poke through when we sit down or dance, right?) but scroll down for some of the pitfalls.

There is a JIRA requesting the ability to modify mesh in-world. To read more on that and to vote, click here and log in using your avatar name (it’s an official Linden Lab site, so it’s perfectly safe) – CTS-693: Request for Rigged Mesh Parametric Deformer. (UPDATE: This JIRA is no longer viewable, because it’s been moved to be actioned by Linden Lab, so hopefully we should see some ability to resize mesh items soon!)

If an outright mesh bargain is available, then I may blog it, but since I’m not using a viewer that’s currently mesh-enabled I won’t be able to model it for you. Thus, my pics will be of the item’s ad board, and I will ensure that the post states the item will only rez properly to those using a mesh-enabled viewer.

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Aug 122011

I am bored out of my skull just shuttling around the grid on the occasional times that I do log in. Mar doesn’t socialise, she’s definitely not in SL for relationships or live music or dancing or anything else. She was born to live a cheapie life and to help newbies and, while the cheapie life sometimes falls by the wayside (hey, if that pair of shoes she really wants cost L$250 then so be it!) unless she’s doing what she was born to do there’s a big hole in her (and, by extension, my) life.

In short: sod the person who got me down. I won’t take part in their personal crusade, but their comments hit me at a particularly low and exhausted moment and I let them upset me far more than I normally would. Now, I’m not only bored but I’m stronger for having taken a breather. The wonderful, supportive comments that I’ve received from my readers (which I’ll be getting to very shortly) have helped no end. Sometimes it can feel as if you’re blogging into a vacuum and, while I don’t do this for the kudos, it’s nice to know that I’ve made a difference here and there. So, thank you for the positive comments :)

I’ve sent the comments that upset me so much into the trash (although I have taken screencaps, so if the person comes back their comments are still publishable) because I’m sick of seeing them sitting in the pending comments list (and there’s no option on WordPress to clear pending comments without publishing them). So it’s a clean slate.

I’m coming back, bishes ;)

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Admin: An open letter

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Jul 052011

This goes out to one person, and I apologise for subjecting the rest of my readers to it. If you read my other blog or my Twitterfeed, you might have an inkling of what this is about. In short: I will probably be closing SL for Nowt because it’s stopped being enjoyable anymore.

The letter is short, and it’s behind the cut.

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Jun 282011

The main SL for Nowt blog is on indefinite hiatus right now. I’m not sure that I have the heart to even continue it in the light of recent comments that I’ve received (but not published) and other (mainly online) things.

I have put three years of time, effort, love, and money into SL for Nowt (because yes, it may be a blog about freebies but I also blog cheapies, I host land inworld where newbies can start out, plus I pay for the blog’s hosting and domain name, and all of that has cost me a great deal of money over the years) but of late I don’t seem to be able to put a foot right anywhere I turn. The unpublished comments are, I fear, the final nail in the coffin for the blog and for my love of doing what I’ve done for three years. I’m not going into great detail about the comments here because to do so would be to identify the person concerned and I am not in the business of slandering large store owners or anyone else, but suffice to say I feel the comments are unjustified, unfair, and (after a quick bit of googling) hypocritical, but I don’t have the heart to defend myself anymore. I’d rather just close the blog and be done with it.

For all the happiness I’ve found through doing the blog and being able to give people a foothold in Second Life, this has just made me wonder why the hell I even bother anymore. SL for Nowt is just a minnow in a very big sea of much larger fishes. I know I have my faithful readers and I hate to let them down, but if the fun is no longer there for me then I would rather quit than keep going out of obligation. Not to mention the fact that I feel like I’m walking on eggshells now, because of the content of those comments.

It’s not just those comments (although if you decide to comment on this post, be aware that your comment will be published; I won’t hold anything back, so if you decide to come here and deride me for mentioning your comments in another blogpost after I expressly didn’t publish them on the main, more popular blog, as per your wishes, then your comments here will be published). There are other things that have been getting me down both in-world and in the general blogosphere and other SL-related areas, but the comments were the final nail.

I’m not posting this on the main blog because I haven’t made a final decision yet. If and when I do, there will be a simple ‘blog closed’ image post going up with a brief explanation.

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