Jan 272013

I’ve spent a few hours hopping around the grid, picking up some items to show my faithful blog readers, but got the shock of my life when I rezzed one freebie skin fatpack package. In fact, I was so stunned, I hit up Twitter to boggle about it:

I kid thee not. While the packaging looks awesome, 181 prims is… a trifle excessive for packaging. Many people only have a handful of prims free; enough to rez a box or a sculpted or mesh bag. I’m not knocking Ramya Skins, by any means; but holy guacamole, lower the prim count on your packaging a little bit, peeps!

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  1. Oh oh OH, I HATE when stores do that! The box is lovely, but I used to share a parcel with someone and, as the owner, if I tried to rez something that big, it would have sent all his stuff into the ozone. I got to where I didn’t open boxes in my own place…just in case!

    • I know! As a guideline, I’d say anything up to about 7-10 prims is fine (although 10 is pushing it), but 181 is taking the biscuit!

      What concerned me is that a few other packages from the same designer were in simple boxes, so when I rezzed out two (not one, but two!) of those 181-prim monstrosities, I was flippin’ grateful that I had several hundred prims free!

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