Brighten up wintertide with Rfyre

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Feb 052012

Hi, peeps! Yesterday Mar went to Rfyre to grab the gorgeous Wintertide Tux from the Womenstuff Hunt. Hey, it’s purple, which is her favourite colour, and it comes with multiple layers, including a skirt (if you don’t want to wear pants), two styles of pants, multiple neck options (bow tie, simple collar, collar-with-necktie, etc), and even undies!

The hunt clue for this prize is: “Place your self upon a pedestal and urn your prize…..”, which is reaaaally easy ;)

Mar has accessorised with a lipstick from a great freebie pack by R.icielli, which you can find here on Marketplace, prim nails from Love Soul, and versatile boots from HoC Industries. Her hair is a male style from the freebie wall at Exile.