Iberian elegance from PurpleMoon Creations

Iberian elegance from PurpleMoon Creations

Hi, peeps! Today I have a gorgeous group gifty to share with you. It’s a celebratory gift from PurpleMoon Creations, as thanks for the group reaching 12,000 members!

The group costs L$50 to join (paste this link into chat and click it to bring up the group join window), and gives you access not only to the in-store gifts, but also when you wear your group tag when making purchases it acts like a loyalty card, earning you points. You do have to spend L$1000 before the discounts kick in, but PurpleMoon takes part in a lot of the weekly offers (such as L$55 Thursdays and L$60 weekends) so if you shop there for those it’s worth being in the group, just to get your totals up!

The current gift in-store is this beautiful Spanish Lady Gown. And, if you check back through group notices you’ll also find the special edition Tears Me Not necklace and earrings set that Mar’s wearing with it:

Mar’s hair is from the freebie Susan pack by Exile at Savoir Hair. Her nails are cheapies from Love Soul. Her lipstick is from the free Neon pack by R.icielli. Her bracelet is a freebie from Inca Temple.

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