De-Noob for Nowt: Casual Weekend

De-Noob for Nowt: Casual Weekend

It’s time for another De-Noob for Nowt, and this is a casual weekend outfit comprising a pair of comfy denim jeans, a stripey tee, sloppy up-do hair, a chunky leather belt, a cute necklace, and some killer denim boots. The best thing of all? The entire thing cost not a bean. Zero L$ spend! Yep, even the skin and makeup! Now that’s my kind of price ;)

Hop behind the cut for more pics, SLurls, and Marketplace links!

First of all, the basic stuff: shape, skin, hair, brows, and eyes. I’m just going to give a linked list, rather than insert links into my usual blather ;)

Shape: Del Mar Freebie Shape, from my Monochrome Starter Kit [ SLurl ]
Skin: Mother Goose Lucky Boards ‘Lene1 LB’ [ SLurl ]
Hair: My Pretty Pixels (MPP) at Free Dove ‘Dany Blonde & Black’ (6 shades in the folder; Ruth’s wearing ‘honey’) [ SLurl ]
Brow Shaper: PandaPunx ‘Kimmie Shape/Skin Free Gift’ [ Marketplace link ]
Eyes: SavePoint ‘Eyes Opal’ [ Marketplace link ]

Eyeshadow: AlaskaMetro ‘Matte Smoke Eyeshadow – Surplus’ [ Marketplace link ]
Eyeliner: ElyMode ‘Smudged Eyeliner Lower with lashes – teal’ [ Marketplace link ]
Lipstick: Mock ‘May Lip Colour Twine Tester’ [ Marketplace link ]
Necklace: Gabriel ‘Angel Heart Necklace’ group gift [ SLurl ] [ group link – free to join ]

Boots: Gabriel ‘Denim Boots Mesh’ group gift [ SLurl ] [ group link – free to join ]

Tee and jeans: Elate ‘Newbie Starter Pack’ [ SLurl ]
Belt: Default Avatar ‘Female Explorer Belt’ (edited) – This one’s in everyone’s inventory! Here’s how to edit it:

– Look in your Library folder, under Clothing > Initial Outfits > Female Explorer.
– Right-click the belt and select ‘Copy’, then right-click-paste it into your main inventory.
– Go to a place where you can build, and rez the belt on the ground. Edit it, and check ‘Edit Linked Parts’.
– Hold down the Shift key while you click all the bits you don’t want (the sections of torch and rope) until only the belt itself remains un-selected.
– With the unwanted bits still selected, hold Control and Shift and hit the ‘L’ key (or go to Build > Unlink in your viewer’s menu)
– Edit the name of the belt so you know it’s not the original (I just added ‘edited’ to the end of the name)
– Take the belt back into inventory and wear it. Adjust to fit
– Don’t forget to clear up the bits you removed!

As a final bonus, I’m amending this post to include a fabby little freebie mesh denim vest I just found on Marketplace. It goes with this look perfectly!

Vest: NK ‘N6 Mesh Zoom Vest’ [ Marketplace link ]

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