Ooh, Shiny! Applier gifties galore at Shiny Stuffs!

Ooh, Shiny! Applier gifties galore at Shiny Stuffs!

  • Mesh body parts required; these appliers will only work on mesh heads!
  • Minimal spend look; absolutely free!

Hi peeps! Well, today Mar got a slightly-belated Christmas present: the Catya Bento mesh head by Catwa. I’ve had my eye on it for ages, and finally splurged on it, as well as a discount skin applier by Deetalez. I’m absolutely thrilled to bits with how she looks now! This is her new bare-face look:

So, of course, now I’m on the hunt for cheap and free Catwa appliers, and wow did I find a little treasure trove tucked away in the prettiest store I think I’ve ever seen in SL. If you’re after gorgeous makeup appliers for Catwa, Lelutka, and Genesis mesh heads (as well as a plethora of nail appliers for Maitreya hands) look no further than the delightful Shiny Stuffs!

Hop behind the cut for pics and info :)

There’s a whole wall of gifts in the back room, as well as two freebies in the first room. On the table in front of you, you’ll find this gift box of holiday eyeshadows for Catwa and Lelutka heads. I’m not sure how much longer they’ll be available, given that Christmas is officially (boo!) over now, so leg it across there as soon as you can!

There are four colours in the HUD, and two ways to wear each colour. Click the 1 on each colour and you get the upper lid, like this:

Click the 2 of the same colour (or a different one, if you want to mix it up!) and the HUD will add a lower colour (some coloured, some smoky grey), like this:

And, just before you walk into the back room, you’ll find this fabby gift of 32 lipstick appliers for Catwa heads:

That’s a lot of lippy! Here’s Mar wearing just one of the shades:

Making your way into the back room and turning left, you’ll see this wall full of freebie goodies! (And to the left of it, a discount wall, too.)

I’ve picked just a few of the gifts to show you (mainly the Catwa ones, although there are some for Genesis heads on that wall, too). First up, the fun and funky Holiday Lash Lights! (If these show up as all black for you, go into the tinting tab of your Catwa Master HUD and set the lash colour to white, then you’ll see the colours.)

Next up, a wearable demo of the Kissable Lips, in a gorgeous dark purplish (Mar’s favourite colour!) shade:

A tinted lip balm:

And at The Free Dove‘s makeup section you’ll find even more gifts from Shiny Stuffs! This is a full set all in one HUD: eyeshadow, lashes, and lipstick. Each one can be applied on its own or in combination. I’m showing it all together here:

And, lastly – also at The Free Dove – one to save for the next Pride Month!

Shiny Stuffs is also on Marketplace (and you’ll find many of these gifts, as well as ones for Lelutka and Genesis heads, at the MP store) but I encourage you to visit the in-world store, purely because it’s so pretty and you never know what you’ll find there! Plus, owner Tarani Tempest also has a great blog!

Mar’s hair in these shots is the awesome¬†Instant Crush dollarbie fatpack by Exile on Marketplace, and her eye appliers are the Christmas (free-to-join) group gift Twinkle Eyes under the tree at Avi-Glam (a pack of 3 colours in 3 sizes, available for Catwa, Lelutka, Omega, and also containing Avi-Glam’s own mesh eyes and HUD, if you don’t have a mesh head). Go snap those ones up, and then get some shiny stuffs!

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