Sep 292012

If you’ve been reading SL for Nowt for a while, you’ll know that I gave up my little stall in Baileya some time ago because I wasn’t in-world often enough to keep it running. Well, it’s back, and with added features!

Del Mar can now be found in the sky in Endicott sim, and it comprises two sections. The front is the store itself, with a few useful and fun items that I’ve made, plus a load of freebies. The back section features something new: a photo studio area.

Hop behind the cut for more pics and info!

I am so glad to have my little store back, and on a nice plot of land where I have the space (and prims!) to offer a few little extras.

The photo studio comprises two backdrops and two pose stands, loaded with some of my favourite poses from big stores like Glitterati, MADesigns, and momomuller (mainly female poses, but guys – the first five poses in each stand are male ones, just for you!). Click the blue info sign on the wall between the backdrops to learn how to use the stands. They can be made invisible for when you’re taking snapshots, so make sure you read that card!

Also in the photo studio room there’s a little seating area. The land has a 2-minute auto-return set, so feel free to plonk your bottom in a chair or on the couch, and open parcels/sort inventory, etc. Grab a mug of coffee from the table (click for a mug to wear) and have fun! I’ve put some fab, bright artwork on the walls in there, so it’s got a kind of cosy ‘loft’ feel to it.

I plan to add some changing rooms eventually (or at the very least some pose stands) but please do come and check it out now :)

Here’s your limo!

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