IKON-ic eyeballs! (limited-time freebie)

IKON-ic eyeballs! (limited-time freebie)

Hi peeps! There’s a real treat waiting for you out there this weekend (and this weekend only)! Ikon Innovia has set out his new group gift at IKON: a set of gorgeous ‘Utopia’ eyes in pale mint and gold. If you’ve not heard of IKON before, then I assure you, you probably have! It’s the new name for Fashism eyes (and if you’ve been watching this blog closely you might notice that Mar’s been wearing Fashism’s ‘Sunrise’ eyes in the azure shade for some time now).

These are some of the top peepers on the grid, so you need to go grab ’em! The group is free to join, and each month’s group gift is set out in the store (pay attention now!) ONLY for the first weekend of each month, from 8pm SLT on the Friday to 8pm SLT on the Sunday. That means you’ve got until 8pm tonight (Sunday March 4th) to get these gorgeous eyeballs, so what are you waiting for?!

Make sure you join the VIP Group in the store (board is outlined in gold) and not the Subscribers Group (board is outlined in silver). Then, with your group tag activated, click the box on the floor to get your free gift.

I’ve put a quick screenshot behind the cut, so you can see what you’re looking for!

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