Easing into autumn

Easing into autumn

Thanks to some fabby gifts on the grid right now, Mar’s slowly easing into autumnal colours.

First up is SF Design‘s gorgeous instore freebie for September: the Burgundy Leather Biker Pants. Male and female versions are available, so look in the relevant store!

Next up is the new freebie group gift skin from Al Vulo: London Piccadilly Circus (milk). If you’re not already a group member, paste this link into open chat and click on it to bring up the group-join window (the group’s free to join). Then, teleport to the Al Vulo store (it’s a good idea to be flying before you teleport, because the landing spot gets busy!) and – while wearing your group tag – click the ad on the back wall of the little wooden shack there.

Mar’s teamed these freebies with another from the Sn@tch Bargain Pit: the Way 80s Dress in cocoa. Follow the red arrow down into the pit and it should take you to the right place. I’ve put a screenshot of the exact location behind the cut.

Lastly, is Hoc Industries‘ latest release: the colour-change Platform Pumps. While not free, these are a great investment, as you get a ton of colour options (even more if you wear your HoC Industries group tag before wearing the HUD).

Hop behind the cut for more info on the items, where exactly to find that Sn@tch dress, and how Mar got her hair the perfect colour for this look!

Here’s exactly where you’ll find that Sn@tch dress:

Wear just the jacket layer, the collar  and sleeve parts (not the skirt!). You’ll want to edit the jacket a bit shorter once you have the SF Design pants on, so that it doesn’t show under the belt:

You gets tons of options for the pants’ belt, which is especially good for those of us with slightly wider hips!

You’ll find this particular hairstyle in your inventory’s Library folder. Once you’ve worn it, you’ll find it in the Objects folder of your main Inventory. Make sure you file it into a special ‘Hair’ folder so you can find it again!

The brown hair is quite light, so Mar’s already darkened it a bit. You can do this with any modifiable hair. Just edit it and look in the Texture tab. Click the block to the right of the texture and then click anywhere in the black and white shaded bar on the far right of the new window that pops up. Here’s her darkened hair:

But she wanted it to match her outfit! So she hit that Colour box again and clicked around in the big colour panel until she had some burgundy shades in that right-side bar:

Hey presto!

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  1. I’m a new resident in SL and another resident directed me to your blog. I had NO idea you could actually get really cute hair that was already in my inventory! Fabulous!

    1. I’m actually quite surprised that the Lindens have kept so quiet about it, to be honest, Kennedy. They’ve publicised the new avatars, but I’ve seen barely a mention of the hair. Much of it is made by some of the grid’s top designers. You’ll find some gorgeous styles by Truth in there, if you dig around!

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