It’s not the first time, and it won’t be the last

It’s not the first time, and it won’t be the last

Once again, Second Life lag has cost me money. I bought several items from the new Dressing Room collection, and as usual at the beginning of a collection showcase the lag was terrible. However, I managed to make the purchases I wanted, and teleported home.

The main item set I wanted to try on was the R.icielli New Year pack, so Mar put on the pants and one of the tops, then the jacket. Well, she put on the system layers, anyway, and those showed up just fine. But the prims? Every single one gave up an ‘attempt to rez an object failed’ error. So she did what most of us would do: she relogged…

…only to log back in and find herself completely naked, and with that R.icielli fatpack folder no longer in her inventory. But the money had still left her account.

*sigh* I’m not going to bother contacting R.icielli’s owner about this, because to be honest it isn’t worth it. It’s a lag issue, and I’m sure as hell not going to ask for a refund, even if it was L$70. The items in the pack are worth far more than that anyway, so Mar just headed back to TDR and purchased them again. This time, they stayed where they should be: in her inventory, and everything rezzed just fine.

Screencaps behind the cut.

Mar’s transaction history. The original purchase is right at the bottom:

Mar’s inventory after she relogged. No sign of the TDR New Year Special Set:

The reason she was naked upon relogging and the reason the prim items wouldn’t rez was, presumably, because the folder was technically not in her inventory to use. Although why the system layer items showed on her avatar before the relog I’ve no idea. It’s not the first time she’s paid for something, the money has left her account, she’s been unable to rez the items and then when she’s relogged they’ve completely gone. And I don’t suppose it will be the last.

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