TMP freebie style sample post

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Mar 042018

Hi peeps!

This post is just a brief one showing just some of the free items available for The Mesh Project female bodies, which I blogged about yesterday. Mar picked up the female deluxe head and body, a skin, some brows, and some eyes, and then a buttload (!) of clothing and accessories. Rather than list everything here, I’m just going to post a few pics to give you an idea of what’s available. There’s tons more in the TMP boutique, and these clothes will fit both the full L$500 bodies as well as the free bodies that – until fairly recently – were also available (although the freebie body can only go up to the high heel height; the ‘ouch!’ height shoes won’t work on the freebie body).

So here we go with the pics!

Hop behind the cut for the rest!

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Get your Oscars glam on, as TMP goes freebie!

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Mar 032018

– Mesh body parts required for all items
– Zero-spend look (unless you’re buying the heads and bodies)

Hi peeps!

Well the big news around the grid this week is the HUGE sale at The Mesh Project. Back in November last year I blogged about how to get hold of the freebie TMP bodies. These have now been withdrawn from sale and instead TMP are offering their full deluxe male and female bodies for L$500 each and their deluxe non-Bento heads (they don’t yet have any Bento heads) for L$500.

However, if you did pick up the freebie bodies the big news is that ALL of the clothing, footwear, and other accessories in the TMP Boutique are now absolutely free! So Mar’s alt decided to get some Oscars glam on after a humungous shopping trip that lasted almost two hours (and which was, frankly, rather exasperating and exhausting, thanks to the shopping HUD system there). But hey, free clothes and shoes, and they are gorgeous!

Strawberry Singh has a great blog post up with more details about both the sale on bodies and heads and the free clothing. I highly recommend watching her video, here, where she shows you how to use the shopping HUD and Style Mode HUD.

As the above image states, there is a caveat emptor, or ‘buyer beware’. This sale is only temporary, and while there are one or two rumours that TMP are going to be bringing out new Bento heads and bodies, there are even more (and bigger) rumours that this sale might be coming prior to a switch-off of the external servers that are required to run the whole Style Mode system, which is crucial for changing your clothes and skins, adjusting your heel heights and hand poses, etc. As many others are saying, I don’t recommend buying the TMP body and head as your main body and head. Fewer and fewer creators are making for it these days, but if you don’t change your clothing all that often, and/or you just want to kit out an alt in all-mesh on the cheap, then by all means head to The Shops and pick up the free clothing for the freebie body and/or the sale heads and bodies.

The sale is on at The Shops right now, but there is no indication of how long it’ll last for.



Luscious curves & Valentine pretties!

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Feb 102017

– No mesh body or body parts required. This one works for classic avatars!
– Also includes an all-in-one applier for: Slink, Belleza, Maitreya, and Omega
– Minimal spend look. Just L$1!

Hi, peeps!

Today I’ve got a luscious curvy shape for you, as well as cute-as-a-button pink hair, a lovely skin, and a slinky silky dress.

Isn’t that a super-sexy, curvaceous shape?! I’m completely in love with it, and it’s absolutely free! But before we get into that, I’m taking you to the Free Dove to pick up that slinky pink dress by Tiffany Designs, which is perfect for a hot Valentine date! (That link will give you a red arrow to follow, taking you directly to the dress’s location at the back of the store.)

The dress comes with tons of options, including clothing layers for classic avatars, an all-in-one applier for Slink, Maitreya, Belleza, and Omega, a mesh skirt piece (in several sizes), prim extras for those lovely floaty lace sections around the legs, and the pearl jewellery (necklace, bracelet, and stud earrings). Absolutely, bargainously free!

Next up, head to Marketplace to spend a measly L$1 on these shoes by Mayden Couture. They come with a pretty easy-to-use skin colour HUD, with presets to start you off and you can then fine-tune the shade to match your skin. An added bonus (especially for newbie girls who don’t have the money to spend on Slink feet) is that they come with sculpted feet. I know that Slink feet are gorgeous – heck, I own them! – but when you’re new to SL and don’t have the L$675 to spend on a pair of feet, you still want some nice heels. I noticed that, even at the Free Dove, most of the female shoes are now for Slink High feet, which is surprising. I would have thought to see a few more options for non-Slink wearers, especially since the Free Dove is all about helping newbies! I know that few people are really making shoes with included feet these days, but still… :(

And, finally, we’re heading to JStyle. This is the place you’ll need to join the group for.

NOTE: All of the JStyle groups send out a lot of notices (they tend to be multiple repeats of the same notice for several days, until a new notice comes out), so I strongly suggest that – if you stay in the group(s) – you disable group notices for each of them, and just check them manually once a week for new items.

The group is the JStyle Mesh Head group. (Don’t get as excited as I did, thinking you get a free mesh head!) You’ll need the group tag active, and once you’ve done that, click the box for the Mesh Head group gift on the desk just inside the store. Inside this box you’ll find that stunning curvy shape, the skin (complete with makeup – please note this is a system skin only. There are no appliers), the hair, a brow shaper, and an alpha layer to help you with the hair. Mar did need a hairbase under it, so she used the pink shade of Amacci’s free hairbase tattoo layers.

Another little note: This hair isn’t rigged 100% perfectly. I noticed that, when Mar moved her head, the hair sunk into her face a little on the right side. The hairbase tattoo made up for it, and since it’s absolutely free, it’s not anything to kick up a fuss about. I just like to warn my readers in advance, so make sure you get those hairbase tattoos to wear under the hair :)

If you’re up for joining another (free) group, you can pick up another lovely mesh hair in the store – just a little to the right. There are currently female and male mesh hairstyles absolutely free to members of the main JStyle group (again, very active, so disable group notices unless you want to be swamped!) Make sure you click the large images with the group tag active, not the smaller boxes underneath them.

Here’s a shot of the store and various locations:

On the left you can see the desk with the hair and skin etc gift in it. There’s a second gift of a pink mesh dress (that requires yet another free-to-join group!) so if you want to grab that, do! And on the right you can see the two group gift mesh hairs. Make sure you click the big pictures! I’ll show a close-up of the female hair at the end of this post.

Mar’s eyes and mesh lashes are both from default starter avatars, which you’ll find in your inventory’s library. The eyes are from the ‘Iliana’ avatar and the lashes from the ‘Leah’ avatar. You can edit the lashes to fit your eyes quite easily.

And here’s a better look at that stunning shape. As I note in the image, it’s NOT modifiable, but it states that it’s for Medium Standard Sizing, so any mesh clothing that’s in the M size should fit it. And honestly, that face is super-cute and so worth it!

Lastly, here’s a close-up of that other ladies mesh hair group gift from JStyle:


Christmas cuties for just L$3!

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Dec 212016

Hi, peeps!

It’s time for some Ho! Ho! Ho! on the blog. I never seem to get into the full spirit of Christmas until about a week before the event, but once my tree is up at home, I’m as tinselly as anyone, wishing people a Merry Christmas and all that stuff. So I’ve hunted through Marketplace to bring you some festive bargains, and I came away with three cute-as-a-bauble hairstyles, and a complete outfit, all for just L$1 each!

We’ll start with the outfit, because this is fabby. You get the coat dress, the boots, pantyhose, and gloves, all for one measly Linden dollar. It’s the Autumn Style Complete Outfit by Katyenka. And, while it’s called ‘Autumn Style’ the bright red colour fits the whole traditional Christmas theme perfectly. The coat comes in fitted mesh and standard sizing, and you get both clothing layers and appliers (Omega, Maitreya, and Slink) for the gloves and pantyhose. The boots are unrigged, so you can move them around if they don’t quite fit. (Mar’s wearing her Slink Physique body, and that has a slight tilt to the shins, so being able to move boots around is a plus!) If you have the Catwa ‘Jessica’ mesh head, there’s also a makeup applier for that included.

Moving onto the hair, and I am SO IN LOVE WITH THIS! (It needs all-caps; I love it that much!) This is the 2016 Christmas dollarbie hair by eXxEsS, and it comes with a massive customisation HUD. You can customise loads of things about the baubles, and you get two versions of the hair, each with a huge colour HUD: version A (solid colours) and version b (dipped/tints). There’s also a ‘breeze’ version, which moves gently around your face, plus versions with materials. Wowza!

And, when I say the customisation HUDs are massive I really mean it. The two for the hair colours absolutely filled my viewer, from top to bottom! Here they are together:

And here’s the HUD for the baubles:

But that’s not the only cute Christmas hair that eXxEsS has on Marketplace! Here’s their Christmas 2015 dollarbie, with the same colour HUDs as shown above:

You can customise the antlers and baubles on this one, and – as before – there’s more than one version included in the pack.

And here’s their Christmas 2014 dollarbie. Again, same hair customisation HUDs!

Lastly, Mar found some lovely mesh eyes, which are featured in all of these pics: the Human Eyes by Lambda.


I am so angry and upset right now

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Dec 302011

I’m not one for posting chat logs, and I think my readers know that by now. But the nastiness that I just witnessed in the Baby Monkey Junkies group chat was just awful.

I’m usually against spamming a group for money, and will simply roll my eyes or close the chat like most other people do. Well, I say ‘most other people’ because a lot of people get unreasonably furious at spammers and call them all kinds of nasty things. I rather think that Pixieplumb Flanagan would be disappointed if she saw some of these responses in her group just now. I’ve changed the names for obvious reasons. I’ve also bolded the sections that struck me as ridiculously cruel, nasty, and insulting:

[2011/12/30 04:35]  Anne: hi guys, I apologize for the inconvenience to all,,  am having financial problems on rl and My premium account is suspended for nonpayment,someone could lend me 2000L to pay back in day  03 january,,my situation will be remedied by that date, my original Avatar is “[ NAME REDACTED ]“i will pay back the value  30% interest, the money is to complete my tie,,
i am one person honest   and I’m not here to fool anybody,  I have hope that someone can trust me , ty
[2011/12/30 04:35]  Solange: report this person
[2011/12/30 04:35]  Maxine: lol
[2011/12/30 04:35]  Solange: they are spaming groups with this same text
[2011/12/30 04:36]  Anne: sorry guys
[2011/12/30 04:36]  Anne: i really need 2k urgent
[2011/12/30 04:36]  Anne: i not liar
[2011/12/30 04:36]  Solange: go to the help menu and submit a ticket of abuse
[2011/12/30 04:36]  Julie: You have more then that for a problem, you retarted.
[2011/12/30 04:36]  Sasha: roflmao.. ill give you 2000L to go kill off avi
[2011/12/30 04:37]  Solange: it’s against the TOS to beg for money
[2011/12/30 04:37]  Mar: If it’s for rent, talk to your landlord and explain your situation. Most good landlords will hold over payment as a one-off for a week or so.
[2011/12/30 04:37]  Anne: yes Julie
[2011/12/30 04:37]  Sasha: no Anne is being reported to Pixie :)
[2011/12/30 04:37]  Solange: you did this in other groups I’m in
[2011/12/30 04:37]  Solange: how many more are you going to beg?
[2011/12/30 04:37]  Anne: i am retarded and idiot in ask money here
[2011/12/30 04:37]  Anne: bye
[2011/12/30 04:37]  Maxine: hahahahaha
[2011/12/30 04:37]  Cutie: Ask your friends not strangers for money
[2011/12/30 04:37]  Julie: Well im glad that you can admit that, get bent
[2011/12/30 04:37]  Sasha: TOS rules
[2011/12/30 04:37]  Solange: yes you are for asking in all the gorups you spam with that crap
[2011/12/30 04:38]  Sasha: iI HATE BEEGARS
[2011/12/30 04:38]  Solange: I agree they are a pain
[2011/12/30 04:38]  Sasha: yup your not suppose to to beg in groups
[2011/12/30 04:38]  Sasha: get a job hosing your avi out if its decent enough you can te money in one day lol
[2011/12/30 04:39]  Mar: Was I the only person in this group that actually tried to offer constructive help, rather than calling her ‘retarded’, to go kill off her avie, and to get bent? She may be a spammer but good grief. *shakes head*
[2011/12/30 04:39]  Julie: Quote from my profile. “BEGGERS WILL BE SHOT ON SIGHT!”
[2011/12/30 04:39]  Anne: thanks for judging
[2011/12/30 04:39]  Lucy: right, Mar
[2011/12/30 04:39]  Sasha: Mar no beggar listens to HELP.. they just the money and run
[2011/12/30 04:39]  Anne: happy new year to all
[2011/12/30 04:39]  Mar: Retarded? Really?
[2011/12/30 04:39]  Sasha: judt want*
[2011/12/30 04:40]  Toca closes chat :((
[2011/12/30 04:40]  Sasha: good bye all
[2011/12/30 04:40]  Lucy: she did listen and respond though..
[2011/12/30 04:40]  Nessa: olas
[2011/12/30 04:40]  Mar: Do you actually WORK with kids who get called that on a relagular basis? God, have a little bloody kindness in your hearts. Closing chat here, too.

The Christmas spirit has already died. Happy New Year, one and all :(

The sort of comment I will not publish

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Nov 192011

I rarely check the original SL for Nowt blog for new comments these days, as I have the ‘blog has moved’ image in the sidebar (which is viewable on every single page) and most people would – if they wanted to find the new posts – head to the new blog.

However, people still do comment on there, even on posts that are several years old. This is because the old blog got pretty high in search rankings because I had it for so long and it was rather popular. Many of the posts there have been linked elsewhere, primarily my inventory management page, and searching for popular ‘info about Second Life’ type posts will usually show my ’30 (and more) things every newbie should know’ post near the top, which makes it a prime target for those with a personal grudge against some organisation or person within SL to try and ‘warn’ new residents about that organisation/person. That post is also linked to on the official SL Wiki, which makes it (in some commenter’s eyes) an ‘officially-approved’ article, which might carry the weight of Linden Lab endorsement.

That post still gets a hell of a lot of views each week.

Sorry folks, but I’m not here to support your personal vendettas. When I see comments like this in my pending queue –

– they go straight into trash. I don’t care about your petty little disagreements or personal battles with other factions/clans/vampires/clubs/what-the-hell-ever. My blog is not your bloody soapbox, okay?

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A little bit of landscaping

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Aug 212011

Today Mar logged in and decided to spruce up the Newbie Haven a wee bit. She dug out her old landscaping kit and the hedge-making kit, and set down some hedges for a bit of privacy (also to shield the house from the worst of the fuglies outside. While there isn’t too much, and Phoenix’s de-render option lets me get rid of the worst of it, I think it’s nice to have hedges around a house). She also put down a tree, some planters of cheerful pansies, and an adorable little birdbox with birds.

Hop behind the cut for a couple more pics! :)

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Aug 132011

I’ve just finished watching Rod Humble’s speech and Q&A session at SLCC 2011 (if you missed it, you can catch the recorded ustream of it here).

It was great to see that Second Life is in the hands of a man who cares about creativity, about usability, and about getting in there himself to experience the issues that residents have complained about for years (cf. group chat issues that he swiftly saw the problems with after joining a group on an alt account). Also great to see him recognising that many residents (myself included) were trying to tell Linden Lab that Basic Mode was confusing many people, and that the new user experience is changing and adapting to accommodate residents’ concerns.

He acknowledged that V2 was difficult to use (also that the sidebar was a pain to work with), spoke about the potential for new methods to deal with griefers, and about bringing in new benefits for premium members (at no extra cost).

All in all a great speech and an interesting Q&A. Try to catch up with it if at all possible. It may allay some of your worries about where Second Life is headed :)

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Oh, system skirt…

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May 022011

(To the tune of ‘O, Christmas Tree!’)

I was so glad to see a great designer like Ivey Deschanel of [email protected] recently releasing an item that contains a system skirt. The system skirt is much maligned in SL, and it does have its limitations. It splits open in many crossed-leg poses, stretches weirdly in wider-leg stances, has that strange gap between waistband and body, but it’s still the best way to get that vintage ‘pencil skirt’ look if you’re a lover of vintage clothing, and I’ve seen it treated in many interesting ways (not the least being as the skirt section of a male jacket).

However, the one thing that most people complain about with regard to the system skirt is, “It makes my butt look HUGE!”

The key to working around that? Make a no-butt shape. Make a copy of your usual shape and dial down the butt and saddlebag sliders to pretty much zero. You’ll look very boyish (and possibly in dire need of a cheeseburger!) if you wear that shape with a normal skirt, or with pants, but wear it with a system skirt and the skirt will give you your hips and butt back; without that extra padding! It’s a good idea to rename that shape something like “no butt, for system skirt”, so you can just search for “system” and find it quickly.

I’m going to make a more detailed post about this on the main blog soon, but today’s was inspired by a cute skirt suit I found in Ivalde’s discount room. I bought the suit in both brown and beige, and mixed and matched them up:

The suit is called Brianna and was just 20L per set. Yes, it’s a little old, and obviously hand-drawn, but I like it for that authenticity. Mar chose the colour-change Flapper Pumps from Baby Monkey’s discount room, to go with them. Her bag is also from Baby Monkey (although I’m not sure if it’s still available there) – the Lulu Purse. Hair is the freebie Renee from Audacity at Savoir Hair and the earrings are the Oracle Gold Earrings with African Jade from Lilipily, which – if I recall correctly – were a DSN (Designer Showcase Network) gift. Poses are by Glitterati.

There are a couple more pictures behind the cut :)

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All that glitters…

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Mar 252011

Just a quick look at what Mar’s wearing today. It’s a mix of old stuff that I’m not sure is even for sale now, and some great accessories that I know are!

(I liked this pic so much that a cropped version of it is now Mar’s new in-world profile pic.)

Hop behind the cut for info!

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