Dec 262010

Well, kitties and drakes, to be exact. Truth Hair has sent out to their subscribe-o-matic members these fabby two sets of hair-with-hats. Snow Kitty is for the girls and Snow Drake (with a duck’s butt quiff, after which it’s clearly named!) is for the boys. You’ll get an incredible total of 117 colours to choose from for the hair on both of these: 73 plain colours and 44 streaked colours. And on top of that, the hats have a load of colour and texture change options, too!

Head to the Truth store (be warned: you’ll be battling heavy lag, as the store is always very busy) and if you’re not already a member, click the subscribe-o-matic. Then, click it again and select ‘History’ and look for the gift  on the dropdown menu. Because of the lag this might take quite a while, so be patient! Please be considerate of your fellow shoppers by moving away from the landing point and into a quieter area while you wait.

An inventory-sorting tip: Because you’ll be getting so many colours in these packs, I suggest you try them on and pick just a few that you’re likely to continue wearing. Archive the rest of them in a prim and put that prim into the same folder as the hair you’re keeping (you can call it something like Archive: Un-used colours just so you don’t accidentally put it on, thinking it’s a hairstyle!)

Here’s Snow Drake, the boys’ style:

Hop behind the cut to see the cute-as-heck Snow Kitty, which is the style for the girls!

In both of these pics, Mar is wearing the ‘chocolate’ shade.

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