Oct 222012

UPDATE – PLEASE READ! The original notice sent out was borked. Many places have been telling you that you need to grab notice #2, but that one had something wrong with it. You need to grab notice #1 – screenshot before the cut – which begins: Oct 21, 12: 3 TRDB styles Have been released in all colors into my subscribo! THAT is the message with the gifts in it!

Okay, I’ll admit it. I actually clapped my hands, squealed, and would have hopped up and down if I wasn’t sitting in a chair. This is such an awesome gift!

Ladies, head to the Exile store and click to join the subscribe-o-matic there. Once you’ve joined, click again and look in the history for this fabulous gift. It comprises three styles from past Dressing Room collections, released in all colours. Your inventory’s hair folder will be heaving after this, because ‘all colours’ means 62 shades! (If you’re already in the subscribe-o, check that you received these!)

These are fabulous sculpted styles of hair: one cute up-do with a colour-change bow, one sexy, messy side-braid, and one elegant up-do. I’ve shown neutral shades here, but in those 62 colours you’re bound to find that special shade you love!

Here’s the first: Betty Lou, shown here in the Hollywood shade. Mar has (of course!) coloured her bow purple ;)

This is the notice you need to grab. Make sure you get the right one! It starts with 3 TDRB Styles released:

Hop behind the cut for pics of the other two styles :)

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Every colour you are, from Truth

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Sep 222012

Truth Hawks has just given out a gorgeous new gift to his Subscribe-O-Matic members: a full fatpack of colours of his new, cute Sam short style –

Head to the Truth store (be warned: it’s always busy and can be very laggy – you’ll need lots of patience! It helps to be flying before you teleport, and try to fly in the store rather than walk; you get places that little bit quicker!). If you’re not already in the Subscribe-O-Matic, find one in the main entrance area and click it, then click again and look in the history for the notice sent out on Friday, called TRUTH HAIR New Release & Group Gift 21 September. Inside it you’ll find ten (yes, TEN!) full colour packs of this lovely unrigged mesh hair.

Oh, oh, retro!

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May 282012

If you follow Mar on twitter you’ll have seen her squealing about the awesome stuff available at the Retro Swap Meet on The Wash sim. Prices are as low as L$10 or less, and there’s tons of stuff, from 1920s glamourpusses to 50s and 60s vixens and 70s foxy chicks. Guys, there’s some nice retro pieces available for you, too!

Mar’s put together a great summery look from three pieces bought at the Retro Swap Meet (L$10 per item, so a total of L$30) plus two group gifts.

The hair is a fabulous subscribe-o-matic gift from Truth Hair. Battle your way through the crowds (the store is always packed) and – if you’re not already in the subscribe-o, give it a click and wait until you’re registered. Once you see that you’ve been added to the database you (and anyone already in the group) can click again, choose ‘history’ from the menu and navigate to the most recent notice, dated May 26th. Click the relevant number and wait until you’re sent the gift. Inside you’ll find a full fatpack of the gorgeous Jessie mesh hair.

Mar’s Micha Top (tropical) is from the Artilleri stall at the Retro Swap Meet. You’ll get a pack of three tops for L$10 there. Her shoes and jewellery are from the Ear Candy stall, here. Her capris are from the free Aqua Halter and White Capris set from Moulliez, here on Marketplace. And, finally, her (hilariously-named!) Studious Tart glasses are from a humungous fatpack sent out to members of the Nomine subscribe-o-matic.

The Retro Swap Meet finishes on June 6th, so you have another week to check it all out :)

New group gift from Amacci

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Mar 192011

Just as I thought it was safe to take a short break from the blog, Amacci go and release male and female free hat/hair combos to their group and they’re so great that I just have to blog them!

Just search for, and join the (free-to-join) Amacci group in-world (or paste this link into chat and click it) and check group notices for the freebies. Alternatively, head to Amacci* and click the Subscribe-o-matic, click it again and check History to look inside and find the gift. They’ll be available for the next couple of weeks. They’re both ponytail hairs, and the male version is less floufy than the female one. Both hat and hatband can be tinted manually (Edit the hat, check ‘Edit linked parts’ then hit the Texture tab and click into the colour block to change the tint).

*There’s more free hair for men and women just to the left of where that landmark will land you, too!

Hop behind the cut for a comparison of the male and female ponytails :)

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Smoocher, or shopper? Here’s some Valentine’s goodies for you, no matter what you plan to be!

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Feb 132011

It doesn’t matter whether you’re all for the hearts-n-flowers stuff or whether you’re feeling sort of ‘bah’ grumpypants over it (heck, we’ve all probably been both at some point). The fact is that the red and pink stuff is inescapable in Second Life, as it is every year. Luckily, Mar’s got some cute finds for you, no matter whether you’re googly-eyed or grumpypants this year ;)

Hop behind the cut!

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Dec 292010

Well, Christmas is over (somebody had to say it!) but we’re still in the grip of the SL winter. One of my favourite wintry stories is The Snow Queen, and as Mar shivered her way around the grid today she managed to put together a lovely Snow Queen look.

Her dress and hair are from limited-time offers at The Dressing Room Blue. The White Christmas dress is Kunglers’ TDRB offering, at L$60, and the lovely fatpack of Mindy hair in 48 shades with fluffy white earmuffs is Exile’s TDRB offering, also at L$60. If you search Groups for Gala & Rita Design Announcements (free to join) and join the group that pops up, you’ll find Curio’s beautiful Ice Queen skin in five tones (ranging from dark to very pale) in the group’s notices, with dark and light variations on each tone and freckled versions of all tones.  Finally, Mar’s boots are the colour-change Nudey Boots (L$100) from HoC Apparel.

I’ve got more snuggly goodness for you, in the form of two lovely hair-with-hat gifts sent out to Amacci‘s subscribo members. Male and female versions included! Hop behind the cut for pics.

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Dec 262010

Well, kitties and drakes, to be exact. Truth Hair has sent out to their subscribe-o-matic members these fabby two sets of hair-with-hats. Snow Kitty is for the girls and Snow Drake (with a duck’s butt quiff, after which it’s clearly named!) is for the boys. You’ll get an incredible total of 117 colours to choose from for the hair on both of these: 73 plain colours and 44 streaked colours. And on top of that, the hats have a load of colour and texture change options, too!

Head to the Truth store (be warned: you’ll be battling heavy lag, as the store is always very busy) and if you’re not already a member, click the subscribe-o-matic. Then, click it again and select ‘History’ and look for the gift  on the dropdown menu. Because of the lag this might take quite a while, so be patient! Please be considerate of your fellow shoppers by moving away from the landing point and into a quieter area while you wait.

An inventory-sorting tip: Because you’ll be getting so many colours in these packs, I suggest you try them on and pick just a few that you’re likely to continue wearing. Archive the rest of them in a prim and put that prim into the same folder as the hair you’re keeping (you can call it something like Archive: Un-used colours just so you don’t accidentally put it on, thinking it’s a hairstyle!)

Here’s Snow Drake, the boys’ style:

Hop behind the cut to see the cute-as-heck Snow Kitty, which is the style for the girls!

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Christmas goodies!

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Dec 242010

Welcome to the new blog, peeps! We’ll kick off the first real-time, non-archived posts with some Christmas goodies, and boy are there some fabby ones out there.

The first stunner is from the [email protected] group (300L join fee). You’ll receive a gorgeous flirty dress, a lovely cocktail ring, and this twin-pose wintry window scene:

Hop behind the cut for tons more goodies!

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