New 12-colour hair group gift from Dura!

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Feb 172018

– No mesh body parts required. This works for both mesh and system heads. (It’s also unisex!)
– Group join necessary, but that’s free!

Hi peeps!

Another quickie (ooer!) from me today. There’s a lovely unisex group gift hair out at Dura at the moment, with a 12-colour HUD. Just join the Dura group (it’s free) and head to the store with your group tag active. Right at the back you’ll find the vendor for the gift!

Weekend mashup!

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Aug 142011

I love mixing and matching clothes. A skirt from here, a top from there. Just because you’ve bought an outfit that doesn’t mean you must wear the whole thing at the same time. Take the belt and put it with something else. Try the top from that gown with a pair of jeans!

Today’s look comprises a couple of great sale items/cheap offers, with two bits of freebies. First up, ladies and gents, get yourselves to Aitui, where all of the old hairstyles are on sale at L$25 per colour. These will soon be retired, so it’s your last chance to grab some great hair. (Please note: the hairbases and the new styles in the very centre of the store are not on sale; only the stuff on the outer walls is L$25 each.)

Mar’s second bargain is the gorgeous shoes from Adam n Eve. On taking a teleport over to check out their Moody Mondays item (gorgeous, sexy lingerie, and it’s out early today in the middle of the store for L$55; offer ends Monday night) she also discovered that there was a shoe sale on. After digging in her pockets for a great pair of shoes, she then spotted these ones set out on a table in the shoe section, for just L$10!

Lastly, two freebie bargains. The skirt is from the three-pack of dresses by Elate at The Free Dove, and the top is from the pack of items by Bingo at FabFree. Phew!

Hop behind the cut for a closeup of the shoes :)

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Dec 262010

Well, kitties and drakes, to be exact. Truth Hair has sent out to their subscribe-o-matic members these fabby two sets of hair-with-hats. Snow Kitty is for the girls and Snow Drake (with a duck’s butt quiff, after which it’s clearly named!) is for the boys. You’ll get an incredible total of 117 colours to choose from for the hair on both of these: 73 plain colours and 44 streaked colours. And on top of that, the hats have a load of colour and texture change options, too!

Head to the Truth store (be warned: you’ll be battling heavy lag, as the store is always very busy) and if you’re not already a member, click the subscribe-o-matic. Then, click it again and select ‘History’ and look for the gift  on the dropdown menu. Because of the lag this might take quite a while, so be patient! Please be considerate of your fellow shoppers by moving away from the landing point and into a quieter area while you wait.

An inventory-sorting tip: Because you’ll be getting so many colours in these packs, I suggest you try them on and pick just a few that you’re likely to continue wearing. Archive the rest of them in a prim and put that prim into the same folder as the hair you’re keeping (you can call it something like Archive: Un-used colours just so you don’t accidentally put it on, thinking it’s a hairstyle!)

Here’s Snow Drake, the boys’ style:

Hop behind the cut to see the cute-as-heck Snow Kitty, which is the style for the girls!

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Christmas goodies!

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Dec 242010

Welcome to the new blog, peeps! We’ll kick off the first real-time, non-archived posts with some Christmas goodies, and boy are there some fabby ones out there.

The first stunner is from the [email protected] group (300L join fee). You’ll receive a gorgeous flirty dress, a lovely cocktail ring, and this twin-pose wintry window scene:

Hop behind the cut for tons more goodies!

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