Mum? Dad? Original Ruth and Roth avatars!

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Feb 132013

Hi peeps!

I’ve been digging around some old default library content that I found, and I’ve put together two freebie boxes containing the Mother and Father of us all – Ruth and Roth – and stuck them on the freebie wall at the Del Mar Store.

While there is a Ruth avatar in your Library folder, she’s not the original Ruth (in fact, the only resemblance she bears to Ruth is that her shirt is purple).

Both Ruth and Roth are Second Life icons. Roth is the original n00b; you’ll have seen models of him all over the place. And Ruth… well, she was iconic before Lady Gaga was a twinkle in her record company’s eye ;)

Great fun for parties, especially if you remember to remove your AO (they didn’t exist back then!) so you’re in default newbie pose.


Free gift at Del Mar!

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Dec 242012

Hi, peeps!

This time, the freebie is from me! I wanted to give something as a gift to all my readers that meant something to me, and so I re-made the little castle skybox that I created as my first home in SL. If you’ve been following this blog for a long time, you’ll probably remember seeing pics of me sitting in the garden while I showed you how to create lots of boxes to help with archiving your inventory.

The skybox is 20m x 20m, and the prim count is as follows:

Skybox = 24 prims
Fireplace for upstairs = 6 prims
Fireplace for downstairs (slightly taller chimney!) = 6 prims
Fire grate with touch on/off particle flames = 3 prims

Hop behind the cut for another pic, and where to find it :)

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The Del Mar store is back!

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Sep 292012

If you’ve been reading SL for Nowt for a while, you’ll know that I gave up my little stall in Baileya some time ago because I wasn’t in-world often enough to keep it running. Well, it’s back, and with added features!

Del Mar can now be found in the sky in Endicott sim, and it comprises two sections. The front is the store itself, with a few useful and fun items that I’ve made, plus a load of freebies. The back section features something new: a photo studio area.

Hop behind the cut for more pics and info!

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