Jan 272013

It’s been a long, hard day, slogging at the primface. Mar’s been meandering around for hours and her feet are killing her! BUT! I have some mesh lovelies to show you, all free from Yasum Designs :)

Hop behind the cut!

There are three gorgeous mesh dresses, and loads of lovely free skins at Yasum. To access them, you’ll need to join the (free) group. Paste this link into chat and click it to bring up the group-join window. Then, with your group tag active, head to the Yasum store.

First, some instructions. Yasum has a central landing point, so when you arrive, turn around until you see this teleport station:

Click to take the top-right one first (‘Freebie 1’). You’ll land here:

Now, there is a bucketload of free stuff up here, including male and female skins, and a lot of roleplay clothing (heavy emphasis on Gorean items, from the looks of it) plus some great free Na’vi skins. But we’re heading to the small Mesh Store, and it’s in the corner there. You’re going to pick up the Your Way Dress (the one on the easel) and the My Way Dress (the one on the back wall).

Head back to the mainstore. (Be warned: when Mar tried one of the single teleport stands in that freebie section, she ended up falling through space, so I’m not sure if the teleports are set correctly in those! Use your pasted SLurl instead.)

This time, you need to take the other square on the teleport station: the one marked ‘Freebie & Bargain’. You’ll end up here:

Head up the stairs, and just in front of you (slightly to your left) you’ll see three sets of female skins. The back and middle sets are free to group members (as are many of the male and female skins on the walls and shelves; but not all of them are free. Be careful where you click!) but the one featured in this post is the Candy (afro naturale smoked) from the middle of those three sets:

Now, onto the dresses! First up, the Your Way Dress comes in two colours: a lush green and a rust colour (named ‘rush’ in the folder. Here’s the rust version:

There are only two sizes (small, and sensual). ‘Sensual’ is for any female avatar with more than a little bit of boobage! You’ll probably need to adjust your shape (Mar reduced breast size and torso muscles just enough so that nothing poked out at the sides!) so save that new shape in the dress folder itself, so you don’t have to go hunting for it the next time you want to wear it.

Mar’s jewellery is the Multi-Strand Necklace and Earrings from Lazuri, free at The Free Dove. This SLurl should take you straight to the jewellery section at The Free Dove.

Her hair in all these pics is the (currently 1L) Dakota Hair in dark brown, from A&A, here on Marketplace.

NOTE: When A&A give offers of cheap hair on Marketplace, they are limited-time offers. This hair may no longer be on offer at a cheap price if you come to this post more than a week or two after I write it!

Here’s the green dress from the same pack:

The Lazuri jewellery is texture-change, so Mar changed it from gold to antiqued gold, to match the jewel at the front of this dress.

OK, now to the second dress! This is the My Way Dress, and it comes in black only. The same shape you edited for the Your Way Dress will fit this one, too.

In this picture, Mar’s jewellery is also from The Free Dove. It’s the Mercy Pity Peace Love necklace and tikka (a forehead gem-piece) from Chop Zuey. There is bling in these, but simply saying bling off in chat will kill it. The textures are gorgeous; they rotate slowly, giving off the appearance of glinting jewels (but without the need for bling!)

Lastly, here’s a close-up of the Candy (afro naturale smoked) skin, from Elfenground at Yasum Design, plus the Chop Zuey jewellery:

Not free or cheap in this post:

Eyes: IKON
Nails: Love Soul
Shoes: Adam n Eve

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