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Wishing all of my fabulous readers a Happy New Year, and a wonderful 2013! Thank you so much for being with me in 2012 (and previous years) and I hope to bring you more gorgeous goodies and helpful hints over the year to come :)

Before you hop behind the cut for the dresses, if you want the perfect thing for a best friends New Year card to send out to people or post on Plurk/Flickr/wherever, hop over to Alouette and grab the free gift on the table. Inside you’ll find the ‘girlfriends’ poseballs (a really cute friends pose) together with mesh Happy New Year crowns (one pink – as worn by Mar, above – and one blue) plus two glasses of champagne (which Mar is hogging both of!). Both you and your bestie will have to pick up the gift, as the items are no transfer, but it’s a lovely little freebie :)

OK, onto the frocks! Hop behind the cut :)

Honestly, I scoured Marketplace, trying to find some lovely party frocks for L$10 or less, and it was a struggle to find things that weren’t… well, I guess what you might call ‘slutwear’. So much boobage and “why bother with knickers” out there! Sure, sometimes you wanna wear that, but what if you’ve got a posh do to go to? You can hardly go to a dinner dance with a half-bare bum, right? ;)

Anyway, here’s the best of what I found on Marketplace and in-world, and it’s all L$10 or less!

The first two items are group gifts from CoCo. To join the group, paste this link into chat and click it, then – with your group tag enabled, head to the CoCo store and the group gift wall. There’s lots more than these two items available; I just picked the two ‘partiest’ dresses to show you ;)

This is the ultra-cute Tuxedo Jacket with Sequin Dress:

And this is the versatile Shirt Dress:

Hitting up Marketplace now, and this is an absolutely gorgeous free mesh dress from Liv-Glam: the Jador Embellished Gown:

Another freebie from Liv-Glam, the partial-mesh (top only; the skirt is conventional prims) Luminous Gown, with its trailing skirt:

Passion4Fashion has lots of lovely L$10 gowns available at their Marketplace store, but Mar’s picked out just two. The first is a versatile one, which can be worn with just the system skirt (to make a cocktail dress) or with the added prims for a longer party look. It’s the Luscious Red Cocktail Dress and Gown:

And, secondly, here is the Chantilly Maroon Gown, which comes with long gloves:

Next up: the cute, Raven Short Party Dress, which is a Marketplace freebie from Dashwood:

Something unusual from Chrysalis on Marketplace: the Bows & Butterflies dress:

As ever, [email protected] has some fabulous stuff in their lucky boards, and this Swirl & Swing dress set is no exception! You’ll get three dresses if your letter comes up: one each of a gold, silver, and black skirt, together with a pretty scoop-neck top that also comes with a belt on the jacket layer, and a pair of nylons. Here’s the gold version:

I know, I know. Sometimes you want short-n-saucy! BND (Bird Next Door) has you covered (well, just about covered!) with this ultra-short little mesh cutie: the Hot Tube Mesh Dress – Glitter. It’s just L$1 on Marketplace:

Lastly, and elegantly, comes a fab offer from Magical Nightmare: the Trisha Dress, which is a lovely purple (yay!) mesh dress that comes with hair, necklace, gloves, and pumps – all for just L$1! I’ve just shown the dress and gloves here:

Whatever you’re doing this New Year’s Eve, have a fun and safe one.

Love, Mar xx




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