Dec 262012

Hi peeps!

If I wasn’t offline all Christmas (and I wasn’t such a slowpoke!) you’d have had notice of this fabulous offer sooner. As it is, you’ve got one day only – December 26th – to grab this gorgeous freebie wintery skybox from The Gentlemen Bastards.

It’s out until midnight SLT tonight. Hop behind the cut for oodles more pictures, where you can find it, and info about the lovely freebie dress Mar’s wearing in the pics!

Before I get cracking on the pics, here are the dimensions of the skybox. It’s huge! 20m x 30m, and it’s 168 prims (169 required for the first rez, but that includes the Rez Faux box, which you can delete when you’re got the skybox placed where you want it). It’s chock-full of furniture, with poses all over the place. There’s a main lounge with a fireplace and two cosy couches (two poses in each), a side lounge with two comfy armchairs and a hanging chair (one pose in each) and a bedroom with two sleeping poses on the bed. Lot of lovely wintery artwork, and snowy trees dotted around. The whole thing is copy and modify (except for the two pieces of mesh artwork, which are copy only), so you can change things around and remove the trees when summer gets here.

Note: There are 3 mesh items in the skybox: the fireplace, and the two big ‘sectioned’ pieces of art. If your viewer can’t render mesh, you can still remove these and replace them with ones that you can render.

Onto the pics!

The wall decorations are sparkly!

There’s a reading pose in each couch, and inside the skybox folder you’ll find a book to wear when you’re using those poses.

I love this little tabletop snow scene! The glittery star rotates and snows down onto the trees :)

Outside the windows you’ll find a gorgeous snowy scene, and there’ s falling snow, too!

The group notice stated that the skybox will ONLY be free until midnight SLT Dec 26th. After that it will go on sale for full price, so PLEASE check the price before you grab it!

The skybox is rezzed in-world, so you can check it out. You’ll find your gifty in the big giftbox behind the couch.

Here’s your luxury (heated – brr!) limo!

Lastly, Mar’s dress is a lovely freebie from Dashwood: the Ocean Dress, which you can find here on Marketplace.

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