May 182012

Hi peeps!

I have some lovely things to show you today, and if you don’t feel all glammed-up after grabbing this stuff then there’s no hope for you!

First up, there’s PurpleMoon Creations’ 14,000 members group gift. There’s a L$50 fee to join the group (paste this link into chat and click it) but it’s totally worth it. Go to the PurpleMoon Creations store with your group tag active and head inside. Halfway down on your right, just past the customer service desk, you’ll see the group gift display. Click it for this stunning pale blue gown, complete with armlets and roses for your hair. Also check group notices, as there’s a great set of polished wood jewellery in there right now!

Hop behind the cut for a closer pic of the dress, plus info on the skin, and the completely FREE (and low-prim!) skybox :)

The skin is a group gift from Belleza, which has a L$250 join fee. Gifts come every few months, so if you have a spare group slot and the money to join it’s worth it. Paste this link into chat for the group window. Once you’ve joined, check group notices and you’ll find this lovely Lily skin:

The skybox that I shot these pics in is a freebie from Domicile. According to the notecard that came with it, the creator was subjected to some homophobic abuse inworld, and decided to turn that horribleness into fabulousness by making this glamorous skybox and giving it away free. The More Glam Than You Can Stand skybox is 20m x 20m and just seven prims – including a glitzy chandelier that I forgot to photograph (oops!) – and you can grab it at this special rezzed location. Oh, and the creator wants you to promise to “be excellent to each other” in return for the freebie. Sounds like a good trade to me! :)


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