Free-join weekend for the Baby Monkey Junkies group

Free-join weekend for the Baby Monkey Junkies group

Hi peeps!

This weekend (6th and 7th April 2013) the Baby Monkey Junkies group is free-to-join. Normally the group fee is L$250, but Pixie occasionally opens it up for free, with a great gifty to be had.

Paste this link into chat and click it to join the group. Then, with your group tag active, head to the store and find the group gift board (it’s just around the corner from the desk area). You’ll need L$1 available to pay the vendor (the money will immediately be paid back to you; paying in that manner allows the vendor to keep track of your transaction and enables you to get re-delivery in the event of any inventory disasters!)

This is the current group gift you can get:

Pixie is very generous with group gifts, sending them out in group notices as well as placing them on the board. There are also tons of lucky chairs (some group-only ones, too, if the main ones are packed with people) and – further across the store – more lucky chairs with mesh clothing in them.

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