Inventory-maintenance: Those extra mesh sizes!

Inventory-maintenance: Those extra mesh sizes!

Hi peeps!

Here’s a quick inventory-sorting post (I’m not logged in right now, so there are no screencaps, but this is pretty straightforward anyway). If you’re using a mesh-enabled viewer and you’re buying and wearing mesh clothing and accessories, then there’s a new inventory-bloater that you need to think about:

The extra sizes of mesh clothing included in your folders!

Anyone who has bought mesh clothing will know what I’m talking about. Usually, the folders will contain several sizes (anything from three to half a dozen) of clothing. You try them on (together with the alpha layer included) until you find the one that works best for your avatar. And then… what do you do? Memorise that size so you know you can always wear the ‘mediums’ from Store A and the ‘larges’ from Store B?

What do you do with the sizes you don’t wear?

Uh-huh. You need to either ditch those or archive them. If you’re the kind of person who never changes their avatar shape, then junk the spares, but if you anything like me (or most other inventory-sorters that I’ve spoken to!) you’ll want to archive them, just in case. SL has so many packrats! XD

Rez a prim and start archiving those unwanted sizes. Either do one prim per outfit (call it Archive: Un-used sizes, or something like that) and put it in that outfit’s folder or – to bring down the number of prims in your inventory even further – do one prim per store, and keep a separate ‘un-used mesh sizes’ folder going somewhere. And keep on top of it!

Remember: if your archive prim is copiable, when you rez it out to add new unwanted sizes, a copy will remain in your inventory. Once you’ve taken the new, edited prim into your inventory, delete the old one.

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