Those Little Questions

Those Little Questions

Hi peeps! Here’s another in my ‘Those little questions’ series, where I try to give answers to the questions in search terms that lead people to the SL for Nowt blog. There are no silly questions in SL. We all started out as complete newbies, and we all wondered the same things, so here I hope to help you out with some answers :)

You can find the questions on the old blog archived here, and a special Those Little Questions all about skyboxes here.

Hop behind the cut for the questions and answers!

– How to find out your rez day in SL?

It’s right on your profile! Right-click on your avatar and select ‘Profile’ and near the top is a small box that says ‘Born’. Inside that is the date on which you created your Second Life account, which is the day we call your rezday. Non-US people, please note that the date is shown in US format: month/day/year.

– How to read no modify scripts in SL?

I’m afraid that if a script is no-modify and you get the ‘insufficient permissions to view script’ dialogue then there’s nothing you can do. There’s no workaround to this: you simply can’t view them.

– Second Life Aditi no Linden dollars.

Aditi is the ‘beta grid’ for Second Life. It’s used by many avatars for testing things before they take them onto Agni (the main, live grid). Many people try out clothing textures they’ve made, or scripted objects they’ve created. As such, you don’t need Linden dollars (in-world currency) on the Aditi grid, because uploads such as textures don’t cost anything on that grid.

– Second Life game abortion pills 9 days

Oh dear. If you have been roleplaying a pregnancy in Second Life (or if you’ve been told somehow – most likely after some poseball-hopping with a male avatar – that your avatar is pregnant) then you do not need to buy an abortion pill. Second Life is not like games such as The Sims where, once something has happened to your avatar you have to see it through. Simply stop roleplaying the pregnancy and return to your old shape (take off the ‘pregnant shape’ and the tummy) or, if it was completely unexpected, just ignore the ‘information’ that you are pregnant. You are NOT pregnant. You can only be pregnant if you choose to be, and you most certainly do not have to pay for any ridiculous abortion pill to ‘get rid of the baby’. If someone has told you that you do, then they’re scamming you. You don’t. See this post for more information.

– SL sandbox items disappearing.

Items don’t remain in a sandbox forever. Every sandbox has what’s called an ‘auto-return time’. This means that at a certain fixed time after you rezzed them in-world, your items will be returned to you automatically by the sandbox. If it’s a 3-hour return and you rezzed something at 1pm, then at 4pm it will be sent back to you (you’ll find it in your Lost and Found folder).

– How do I make a subscribomatic board in Second Life?

Oh my word, I’ve no idea, but since they’re free to buy do you really need to make your own? Get one here on SL Marketplace. Please note: they’re only free for up to 500 subscribers. Once your board has above 500 subscribers you’ll have to pay a monthly fee to keep using it.

– How to copy items in boxes that you don’t own in Second Life?

Not possible, unless the box’s owner gives you edit permissions on their objects. And with good reason, because if that were possible without the owner’s permission then everyone could just go around and take anything they wanted! You’d be able to walk into a store, edit one of the creator’s ad board prims, take out the items you wanted, and waltz off without paying a damn thing. Now just imagine how long it would be before store owners just stopped making nice new stuff for everyone if they got absolutely nothing in return for it.

The same thing goes for copying items into boxes you don’t own: the owner still needs to explicitly give you edit permissions on their objects (and people don’t do that lightly in Second Life).

UPDATE: Otenth mentions in comments that is is possible to script a box so that others can add items to it (such as a suggestion box in a store).

– How can I wear my penis under my clothes Second Life?

I really do feel for you guys here sometimes. First, you’re born without your bits and you resemble a Ken doll at best, then you have to find a decent set of bits, and then you realise that when you wear said bits they poke through your clothes for the world to see!

Well, I’m afraid there isn’t much you can do in order to wear your prim genitalia under your clothing (unless you’re planning on wearing voluminous kilts all the time), but there are a few tips and tricks from SL’s clothing designers. First of all, you can buy swimwear with a prim ‘bulge’, so if you’re on the beach you can still sunbathe and swim with pride. And, secondly, some designers sell underwear that is textured in such a way that it looks as though you’re packing underneath. I have seen underwear that’s both opaque and with (very flattering!) ‘bulge shadowing’ and I’ve also seen underwear that’s slightly sheer and *cough* well, what’s underneath is very visible ;)

UPDATE: Otenth mentions in comments that at least one prim genitalia manufacturer has a HUD that allows you to turn your naughty bits transparent (now that’s flipping handy!)

7 thoughts on “Those Little Questions

  1. How does one go about logging into the Aditi grid? If I upload a texture while there, when I log into the main grid it won’t be in my inventory? Thanks!!

    1. Which viewer do you use now, AK? In Phoenix it’s a dropdown option on the login page, under ‘Grid’ (look for secondlife_beta). In Viewer 2 it’s a preference you need to set in Me > Preferences > Advanced > check the box marked ‘Show Grid selection at login’, then pick Aditi from the list (most of the other ones aren’t generally available to everyone).

      And yes, if you upload a texture on Aditi it won’t be in your inventory on Agni. Also, Aditi used to only be refreshed once a year, so you’ll find that everything you’ve added to your inventory since the last refresh won’t be there (this is the same reason why accounts created after the last refresh can’t access Aditi until the next refresh). Another point to note: if you’ve changed your password since the last refresh, the new password probably won’t work on Aditi (although I think your old one will).

      From memory, the refreshes always used to happen sometime around April/May, but the last one that was posted on the Grid Status Report was from way back in 2008. I’m pretty certain they’ve refreshed since then, but unfortunately I’ve no idea where to find out this information. It may be done more frequently now, since LL seem to be rolling out a lot of server versions over there as they’re testing things.

  2. Two little nuances:

    Objects can be scripted to allow others to put things in them. The mostly likely thing a new resident would come across like that is a comment box in a store (although a tool that relays or stores a chat message is probably more likely).

    And at least one prim penis manufacturer uses a HUD that will make all the naughty bits transparent, so one can continue to wear them while one is clothed. Anyone who has turned on “view transparent,” of course, can still see them, and they have no effect on one’s clothing. (And if they are talking parts, be sure to turn that off, too, or people may “accidentally” make your bits start talking by clicking on you.)

    1. And that’s how you tell I really am a girl: I had no idea about being able to turn your bits invisible! Thanks for that info, Otenth. I’ll edit the post accordingly. Also – *facepalms* – I’d completely forgotten about scripting boxes.

      Where would I be without my readers to gently set me straight? ;)

      1. Things like ‘Avatar Resident’s mighty pork sword twitches and spews forth a geyser of…
        yeah ‘m not going to finish that, but you get the picture.

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