Sad news

Sad news

The Gnubie Store has closed its doors.

This is sad news for both new and old alike in Second Life. The Gnubie Store was one of the best freebie stores to send newbie avatars to in-world, and I loved browsing through what was on offer there, even after three years in-world.

It’s a bad day when such an SL institution has to end, no matter what the reasons.

Thanks to Jai Nomad and Ingrid Ingersoll, who created and ran the store for so long. And thanks to all of the designers and creators, both past and present, who so generously stocked it with items for old and new avatars alike to enjoy.

11 thoughts on “Sad news

    1. One of my Favs as well. I also send Newbs to Free Dove. Haven’t been there in a while, hop that isn’t closed as well!

      1. As far as I know, Lilli, Free Dove is still open. Apparently the FabFree store will be moving to a much larger location in the very near future, but I’ll be sure to blog about that when it happens :)

    1. I hope so, Jane. Gnubie Store was the first place that I would send any new avatar to, and I’ve spent many an enjoyable hour or so browsing around there for myself as an older avatar.

    1. It is, Asia. There are still some great newbie stores in SL, but Gnubie was one of the ‘old ones’ that kept itself constantly updated. It’s such a pity to see it close like this :(

  1. So sad, the gnubie store was often my first introduction to a design store. Ive got 8 avatars and though Ive spent much moola at other stores, the Gnubie store was often my first stop and my first introduction to a designer who later became a favorite.

    1. Agreed, Moon. I could almost always count on being able to find that final item I needed to complete an outfit at the Gnubie Store. Also, like you, I was introduced to several designers there whose work I had never experienced before. In some designers’ cases it was the only place to find ‘old favourite freebies’ of theirs (as is the Free Dove) – many of those designers no longer in-world now or no longer offering those great freebies in their own stores.

  2. Can anyone recommend anyplace similar to The Gnubie Store? That is, a place where designers place freebies alongside other designers’ freebies? What was nice about TGS was the high quality of the stuff, because it hadn’t been thrown together from a million collections of crap.

    1. There are a few others, Flax. The main one I can think of right now is the FabFree store in Car Wash sim. The link is in the SLurls section of my blogroll here. That was always my second go-to LM that I gave to newbies, so it’s definitely worth taking a look at.

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