I just don’t get it

I just don’t get it

Since I’ve not posted on the main (old) blog for a few days, the number of referrers has gone down. However, when I checked just who those referrers were, I got pretty disheartened.

There is a depressing trend for what I call ‘scrounger sites’ that scour the net for any and all articles about a specific word, then post links to them. Mar could post about a second Life gadget, and it will be linked to on a RL gadgets scrounger site. A post about the Second Life Hair Fair will be linked to alongside tons of other RL hair links on another scrounger site.

So, instead of other SL bloggers linking to me, more and more I see the blog being linked to by completely bizarre and unrelated scrounger sites.

Hop behind the cut for a screenshot of today’s referrer stats for the main blog.

A baby boy for the star of Ugly Betty? Future Tradings? Lightsabre Keychains? Weight Watchers? Mesothelioma?!

I don’t even know any more :/

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