Jun 282017

Hi, peeps!

Yesterday I promised to blog more about the group gifts from Legendaire, but after heading back to the store today I realised it would take several posts to show the gazillions (ok, lots – lol!) of things you can grab from there, all for the measly cost of the L$49 group join fee. So instead of putting on lots of clothes, I’ve taken screenshots of all the gift walls so you can see how generous this group is!

– No mesh body or body parts required. Many of these work for classic avatars! (Also with several mesh bodies and heeled feet.)
– Minimal spend look. Just L$49 for the group join fee!

First up, as you enter the store you’ll find this wall full of the current gifts. Most of these are full outfits that come with footwear as well as fitting several mesh bodies and standard sizing:

The group join kiosk is just there to the right. And once you’ve picked up all of those, take that teleporter to the Freebies and Discounts section of the store, where you’ll find two more walls of free stuff!

Outfits, accessories, heels… you name it, it’s there! You’ll also find some L$10 ‘mystery prize’ boxes dotted around the store, and in the lobby area where you first enter, on the far wall to your left, you’ll find another lot of cheapie deals for the various weekly events like 50L Friday.

Here’s your taxi to Legendaire,  and here’s a link to join the group (join cost of L$49). Have fun filling up your inventory!


Dec 032016

Hi, peeps!

Today’s bargainous gifty is a lovely skin from Al Vulo!

You’ll need to join the Al Vulo! group (it’s free-to-join) and have your group tag active. Once you’re at the store, turn away from it and walk through the garden to the little wooden hut. You’ll find the gift inside there on the back wall.

I’m not sure how old this skin is, because it doesn’t have Omega appliers, and the appliers that it does have are old ones: Wowmeh, Lolas Tango, and Phat Azz. However, it also contains a system skin, plus appliers for Slink hands and feet.

I fell in love with this cute little butterfly fascinator when I was at the Swallow store. It’s a group gift (L$30 to join, and several group gifts on the wall) and it comes in eight colours.

Mar’s hair is a great dollarbie from FABIA on Marketplace. You get a 30-colour ‘naturals’ HUD with this, so you have all the basic blondes, browns, reds, and monochromes.

As for the dress, oh my goodness it’s a pretty one. It’s from AnaLee Balut, and you’ll find it as a group gift (with two colour options) in the ALB store. Be warned, though: the group does cost a lot – L$500 – to join. However, I love AnaLee’s textures and designs, and if you hover your cursor over most of the outfit sets in the store, you’ll find absolutely tons of group gifts and wearable demos. So, if you can scrape up the cash, I recommend it!

Lastly, the shoes. I was so happy to find these heels. They’re a L$65 bargain (ignore the mistake I made in the price on the image – oops!) from Ben’s Boutique on Marketplace, and they’re for Slink High feet only. You get a 16-colour HUD, plus options for the chains, so you can match them with lots of outfits.

Nov 272016


(Two posts in a row. That looks promising, doesn’t it?)

Hi, peeps! Today’s gifty comes from Purplemoon Creations. The group costs L$50 to join, and you get a fabulous group gift in the store each month. (Copy this link and paste it into chat for the group info.)

This is a gorgeous outfit! I’ve never been disappointed with Purplemoon’s group gift’s, and this is no exception. You’ll get this white dress, hat, gloves, and cutlass in the gift. The dress comes in: Belleza Venus, Isis, and Freya, Slink Physique and Hourglass, plus standard sizing (XXS-L, with an alpha layer) for standard (non-mesh) avatars. The gloves come in fitted mesh and standard sizing (XXS-L). You also get a little HUD to change the lace edging from sheer to opaque.

No footwear is included, so Mar went on a Marketplace hunt for some. The perfectly-named Cutlass Heels are by Blackburns, and they’re just L$29. You’ll get one each of black and white pairs in the folder (my white pair rezzed as pink, but those ones are recolourable!) and you’ll get a colour HUD so you can make them match any outfit. The Marketplace ad states they’re “made to be worn with av feet for high heels” and they fitted Mar’s Slink High feet perfectly.

Since Mar’s all-white for this ghostly outfit, she needed some white hair! [email protected] to the rescue with this group gifty hair in a faboo 12-colour ‘naturals’ HUD. The [email protected] group costs L$100 to join, but it’s well worth it, especially if you like to fish for the bi-weekly outfits (a lot of people trade pieces of the outfits in the group). There’s also an Advent calendar every year at [email protected], for group members, so join up now to get ready for that!

Oct 072012

(I never thought I would begin a blog post with Cliff Richard lyrics. Oh well… there’s a first time for everything!)

Ladies! PurpleMoon has a surprise group gift waiting for you at the store, and they’re in full-on Halloween mode! This amazing ‘Demonia’ outfit, complete with wings, claws, and hooves is free to all group members:

Mar’s teamed it with the new group gift from Al Vulo! – the Livia (Devil is a Woman) skin, cheapie jewellery from Eternal Jewelry, an amazing hairdo from Iconic, and spooky eyes from IKON. Her backdrop in the above pic is a group gift from KaTink Poses: a corner photo backdrop with a sword-embedded skull (three poses), fog and a bat emitter.

Hop behind the cut for a full pic of the avatar, plus locations and everything else!

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Saturday scrummies!

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Sep 152012

Update: Comments now disabled because this post was attracting spammers.

I’ve got some scrummy stuff for you today!

First up, there’s a new group gift skin at Al Vulo! The group is free-to-join (paste this link into chat and click it to bring up the group join window) so wear your group tag and head to the Al Vulo! store, then click the ad board inside the little shed outside.

Next, Mar is wearing part of the Finding FabFree hunt gift – a mesh top and mesh pants – from PurpleMoon Creations. You’re looking for a sculpted white number 5. At PurpleMoon, find the small poster advertising the hunt, and look for the footprints on the floor. They’ll lead you in the right direction! Full prize piccy is after the cut.

Finally, there are two gorgeous group gifties from PurpleMoon Creations. The group is L$50 to join (paste this link into chat and click it) so wear your group tag and head inside the store to the lobby area. You’ll find the lovely golden Elwing Gown on a big board there, which celebrates 17,000 members (wow!), and if you check the group’s notices you’ll also find the bonus earrings!

Hop behind the cut for two more pics of all the items :)

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Aug 122012

Here’s a gorgeous dress to wear at any time, but it’ll come in especially handy if you have a posh ‘do’ to go to at Halloween ;)

The PurpleMoon Creations group has reached 16,000 members, and as a thank you Poulet Koenkamp has set out the gorgeous Jules Gown in orange and black (gloves included) as a group gift.

The group has a L$50 join fee, but gifts of this quality are given out on a regular basis, plus wearing your group tag when purchasing in-store earns you store credit (and, since PurpleMoon takes part in many of the cheap store offers, such as 60L Weekends, if you buy those anyway it all adds up!). Copy this link and paste it into chat and click it to bring up the group join window, then – with your group tag active – head inside the store and find the large board beside the reception desk. Click it, and this gorgeous dress will be yours!

May 182012

Hi peeps!

I have some lovely things to show you today, and if you don’t feel all glammed-up after grabbing this stuff then there’s no hope for you!

First up, there’s PurpleMoon Creations’ 14,000 members group gift. There’s a L$50 fee to join the group (paste this link into chat and click it) but it’s totally worth it. Go to the PurpleMoon Creations store with your group tag active and head inside. Halfway down on your right, just past the customer service desk, you’ll see the group gift display. Click it for this stunning pale blue gown, complete with armlets and roses for your hair. Also check group notices, as there’s a great set of polished wood jewellery in there right now!

Hop behind the cut for a closer pic of the dress, plus info on the skin, and the completely FREE (and low-prim!) skybox :)

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May 052012

Hi peeps! Sorry for the AWOL-ness of late. Here’s a quick group gift freebie fix for you at Grasp – a unisex mesh ring:

Join the Grasp group (paste this link into chat and click it – the group has a L$50 join fee, but there’s a huge wall chock-full of great freebies to grab once you’re a member!) and make sure your group tag is enabled before you nab the gifty :)

Mar 022012

Hi, peeps! Today I have a gorgeous group gifty to share with you. It’s a celebratory gift from PurpleMoon Creations, as thanks for the group reaching 12,000 members!

The group costs L$50 to join (paste this link into chat and click it to bring up the group join window), and gives you access not only to the in-store gifts, but also when you wear your group tag when making purchases it acts like a loyalty card, earning you points. You do have to spend L$1000 before the discounts kick in, but PurpleMoon takes part in a lot of the weekly offers (such as L$55 Thursdays and L$60 weekends) so if you shop there for those it’s worth being in the group, just to get your totals up!

The current gift in-store is this beautiful Spanish Lady Gown. And, if you check back through group notices you’ll also find the special edition Tears Me Not necklace and earrings set that Mar’s wearing with it:

Mar’s hair is from the freebie Susan pack by Exile at Savoir Hair. Her nails are cheapies from Love Soul. Her lipstick is from the free Neon pack by R.icielli. Her bracelet is a freebie from Inca Temple.

Aug 272011

Ladies, the new group gift from Kunglers is a lovely one. Paste this link into chat and click on it to bring up the group join window. Kunglers’ group costs L$50 to join, but you get a great free outfit every month. I know I always look forward to seeing what it is!

This month there is a pretty dress and ring set in group notices. The dress has a sculpted skirt and comes with a prim belt as well. The ring is a gorgeous red flower. Mar’s teamed the whole outfit with the L$30 Chunky Stilettos 2 from HoC Industries (colour-change, so they’ll match just about anything!), the free Ellie hair (shown here: the chocolate shade from the fatpack that you get) from Tameless Hair @ Savoir Hair, and the pretty Silver Heart Pendant, free from Virtual Impressions at the Vanity Hair mall.

Mar’s skin is the current group gift at Al Vulo. Paste this link into chat and click it to bring up the group join window (it’s free to join) then teleport over to the Al Vulo store. The nilpez – orange kauai skin is in the little wooden shack that you’ll land in front of. Simply click the image at the back while you have your group tag enabled.

Also included in the look are the Sexy Girl Red prim nails from Love Soul.

Script Count
All together, this outfit has a script count of 60 scripts, which can be reduced to 49 if you remove the scripts in the hair and belt (once you’ve re-sized them to fit you). If you don’t wear the ring then the script count goes down to just 21, so it’s a lovely low-script look. Read more here about script counts and why they’re important.