Dec 042016

Hi, peeps!

Those of you who have been following SL4Nowt for a long time will remember that I often blogged about footwear from HoC (aka: House of Curios, aka: HoC Industries). Creator Guu Nishi hopped on the prim footed-shoe bandwagon early on, and made some fantastic heels for incredibly affordable prices. She also made great shoes for the guys, too. But she eventually shut up shop and moved on.

So, imagine my delight when, on a drive-by trip a couple of days ago to the Stillman Bazaar (a Linden-owned freebie bazaar where anyone can place free – and mostly full-permission – items for other residents to take, I discovered a box with this hovertext on it:

I grabbed it and took it back home to unpack. Another box was inside this box, but when I unpacked that box, I was seal-clapping like crazy, because it contains just about every single thing that Guu Nishi put out for sale at HoC. And it’s all free and full-permission!

Included is a notecard from Guu herself, which reads as follows:

This pack contains every (everything I can cleanly package up) release from HOC Industries over the past 9 years. I always said that when I closed up shop I’d make everything available for free with full permissions and well, here we are!

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty rules and stuff:

You can give, sell, modify, or do anything you like with the stuff in this box. Enjoy it!

Basically, don’t use any of this stuff for evil and we’re cool.

That’s pretty much everything! There will be no support given for anything in this box, it’s all full mod so you can sort it out if you need to :) Everything should work as expected though.

Have fun! If you feel this has been useful for you, a couple of lindens in my hat would be a lovely gesture! Not a requirement though so only if you want to.

Until we meet again,

Guu Nishi

HOC Industries (2007 – 2016)

This is such a generous act. Thank you so much, Guu! It’s going to enable me to put together an updated newbie avatar box, and I’m going to pack up some of the clothing items (especially the ones for the guys!) to put out as freebies in the Del Mar Store. I’m so happy to finally have some great, always-there free footwear to point newbie guys towards!

Inside the box, you’ll find tons of items, from female clothing and footwear to male clothing and footwear, plus some furniture, accessories (such as watches, glasses, and sunglasses for both genders), and a couple of buildings. Some of it is older clothing layer items, some of the footwear makes use of the old ‘invisiprims’ (so it may or may not work, depending on the viewer you’re using, but since it’s all full-permission, you can edit it to remove the invisiprims and use some of the freely-available alpha layers on Marketplace instead; see the end of this post for some links for those), some of the clothing and footwear contains sculpts, and then there’s some mesh clothing (in standard sizing) and even  a pair of gorgeous colour-change heels that fit Slink High and Maitreya feet!

All-in-all it’s a fabulous haul of goodies! I’m going to stop blethering on about it now, and show you some of the items. But first, you’re probably going to want to know where to find this thing, right?

Here’s the SLurl for Stillman Bazaar. As per the screenshot below, you’ll land high up, and you need to head towards the red beam. You’ll find the plain dark grey box on the floor at the back, just behind a little white particle cloud:

As for the rest of this post, hop behind the cut :)

I’m going to put together some composite screenshots here, just to show you some of the items. Here are some of the skirts, together with a little crop top. Most of these come with colour or texture-changing HUDs.

Two mesh dresses and a tube top. Each, again, with colour or texture-changing HUDs:

Two little tank tops (again, with HUDs) and slinky mesh leggings (one colour only) :

Two pairs of glasses, plus some fantastic skinny mesh jeans. All with HUDs:

More glasses, plus mesh legwarmers. As, before with HUDs!

And here beginneth the shoes. Some of these are sculpt, some are mesh. Most have colour-change HUDs.

Of note: If you join the HoC Group (free-to-join, although the store is now defunct) and wear your group tag before attaching some of the HUDs, you’ll get even more group-exclusive colour and/or texture options.

Moving on to the boots now:

There’s even a pair of heels fitted for Slink High and Maitreya feet. As with all the others, these come with a colour-change HUD.

And now, the stuff for the guys! There are several great pairs of shoes in this collection, as well as a watch and some glasses and sunglasses, plus a great basic mesh t-shirt.

The All-Stars (below) and the suede sneakers (above, in the middle) are also available in female sizes.

The shades and t-shirt (all of which have colour-changing HUDs).

That’s all I have time to show you today, peeps, but it’s nowhere near all of the items in this amazing box of stuff. Go pick it up, and have some fun :)

Useful resources

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