Feb 022013

There are a TON of gorgeous group gifts on the wall at CoCo Design. Mar picked up some of them and put together a few cute looks, together with some in-world and Marketplace offers.

Join the CoCo Design group [ group link – free to join ] and head to the store [ in-world store ]. The group gifts are on the West wall. Make sure you’re wearing your group tag, and get clicking!

The first look (*points up*) comprises the cute little Gift Tee & Denim Shorts set (the tee also comes in a green colour; hop behind the cut for a pic of that), plus the awesome mesh Suede Boots. Mar’s hair is a limited-time freebie from A&A on Marketplace: the Ludvika Hair in ‘dark brown’ [ link ] which is available free until March 5th 2013.

BOYS! The mesh boots come in rigged (can’t be resized) and UN-rigged (can be resized) versions, and there are fur-topped and non-fur versions, too. So, if you like to roleplay any historical avatars (or Gorean, or anything like that) then these boots will work just as well for a male avatar as they will a female one!

Hop behind the cut for more looks!

In all of these pics, Mar’s skin is the current group gift from Al Vulo! – the Alyssa*Wonderland skin [ group link – free to join ] [ in-world store ] and her eyes are the February gift from IKON: the ‘optimism’ shade of their Lucid Eyes [ group link – free to join ] [ in-world store ] – which is only available free until February 7th.

Here’s the green tee version of the Gift Tee & Denim Shorts set (you’ll find it in the same pack as the grey version) –

Here’s Look #2:

Mar is wearing the same tee and shorts from before, but she’s also wearing the Shirt & Parka in ‘check red’, and the Ankle Boots in black. Over the top of the ankle boots, she’s wearing the fabby mesh Fur Legwarmers (see below for a tip on wearing these) – all from CoCo Design. This time, her hair is the limited-time L$1 offer (no closing date given) Fianna Hair in ‘goldbrown’ from A&A on Marketplace [ link ].

Here’s a close-up of the legwarmers over the boots:

The little tip for wearing these is this: I made a pair of socks to go under the legwarmers, as tiny parts of my skin were showing. I set them to a height of 43 and set the RGB tint to: 25,25,25. That covered those tiny bits of skin. I saved them in the same folder as the legwarmers, to remind me to wear them each time!

Hop to CoCo and pick up some great freebie bargains. There’s loads more on that wall than I’ve shown you here ;)


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